Surplus and deficit of calories. What is the difference, and why is it needed?

Surplus and deficit of calories. What is the difference, and why is it needed? Surplus and deficit. What is the difference, and why is it needed? How to create a calorie deficit correctly to lose weight and how to count calories so that you always know what your surplus is?
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Before considering the surplus and deficit of calories, it is necessary to immediately mention one fundamental thing: deficit and surplus make sense only when the balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates observed. That is, if you set out to gain muscle mass, honestly count calories and consistently maintain their surplus, but eat mainly only carbohydrates — the mass will not grow (or it will be very slow). Because, without absorbed proteins, the body will have nowhere to take the material to create new tissues.

The same applies to deficiency: in the pursuit of a slender body, one should not forget about maintaining the balance of PFC(proteins, fats, carbohydrates), otherwise, ignoring, for example, fats, you risk undermining your immunity.

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Calorie surplus

A calorie surplus is a state of the body during which more calories supplied to it than you spend them. Thus, a certain excess of energy gets created. This excess will turn into muscle mass (if, while maintaining a surplus, you go in for sports) or into body fat (if you just keep an excess of calories and do nothing else).

One of the main questions that people who decide to maintain a calorie surplus ask themselves: how to count calories? Everything is quite simple — if you go in for sports, then remember about the average calorie intake for your age and consume them 1.2-1.5 times more than you need (depending on how intense your training is):

For 14-18-year-olds: 1800-2300 kcal per day;

For 18-30-year-olds: 2200-2800 kcal per day;

For 30-50-year-olds: 2000-2600 kcal per day; 

After fifty years: about 2000 kcal per day. You can go along a more professional path and use special formulas (for more accurate information):

1. Formula Mifflin-San Georu. For men: weight * 10 — age * 5 + height * 6.25 + 5; For women: weight * 10 — age * 5 + height * 6.25 – 161;

2. Harris-Benedict formula: For men: weight * 13.75 — age * 6.775 + height * 5.003 + 66.5; For women: weight * 9.563 — age * 4.676 + height * 1.85 + 655.1.

Calorie deficit

Calorie deficiency is a state of the body when it receives fewer calories than necessary, as a result of which it begins to burn its internal fat stores, thereby reducing a person's weight. Considering the question of how to properly create a calorie deficit to lose weight, we can say the following:

First, do not cut your diet by more than 10-20% of the norm, as in contrast to the surplus (within which all the additional energy simply goes into new muscles). With a deficiency, you deprive your body of nutrition and if the excess is too high, it will directly affect your health. Second, even during periods of deficiency, eat a balanced diet anyway.

With a lack of calories, this is even more important than with an excess of them due to stress in the body. You don't have to constantly eat only nuts, water, and avocados — nothing good will come of this since you will not get enough dietary fiber. The spectrum of trace elements, as a result of such nutrition, will be very limited. We reviewed and figured out what a calorie surplus and deficit are and how to calculate them. In my opinion, it was not a bad review! What do you think?

For more detailed and detailed information, contact Nika Helge, the wellness coach of the Daily Celestial, who has been adhering to a harmonious diet and a healthy lifestyle for more than 20 years.

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