Nika Helge - Your Personal Wellness Coach

Having a purpose in life is the key to happiness. You have to have a General who leads you to victories in everyday battles. Some of you are truly gifted Mothers, some are talented Doctors, some are great team leaders - all of you have a purpose of why you are getting out of bed every morning and why you are doing what you choose to do. For over three decades I enjoy living and promoting a healthy fit lifestyle. I am constantly learning about nutrition and fitness, pushing myself to achieve new fitness goals, like running my first marathon for my 40th birthday, began to compete at bodybuilding competition at 45, participating in equestrian shows, etc.

When I started volunteering at sporting events I discovered an incredibly rewarding feeling of accomplishment when I saw other runners crossing the finish line. I also made a few good friends during my first WBFF competition because I was sincerely impressed by other female athlete’s athlete victories and was excited for them to place well. Of course, I want to place well and be first too, but seeing other athletes win makes me happy.

After getting to my competition shape I started to get asked by others about my workout routine and diet. I decided to start sharing my fit life routine on social media and received a lot of encouraging feedback on how my contest was helping others. Then a couple of my close friends asked me to coach them to get in shape, I shared their stories and got more requests for coaching from others. And this is how Fit Life Nika was born.

I am proud of my clients’ progress because we are on their journey together. Their progress is my progress. Every day I find ways to show what our bodies can achieve if we put our mind to it, help us learn how to eat healthily, and help find ways to exercise daily. I work not just with my client’s needs, I consider their families and work priorities. Helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle is the most rewarding feeling for me. I am pleased because I found my purpose in life - it is to inspire others to live a fit life.

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