Astrology And Dreams: How Are Dreams Related To Astrology?

Astrology And Dreams: How Are Dreams Related To Astrology?
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How can dreams be related to astrology?

A person during his life most often dwells in three states: wakefulness, deep sleep, and sleep in which dreams are dreamed. During wakefulness, a person interacts with the outside world, employees at work, fellow travelers in transport. Each contact leaves its mark: positive or negative, confuses the mind, or, conversely, stabilizes. Emotional oversaturation and the fast pace of modern life leads to an imbalance in the personality and pollution of the mind with background "garbage".

Sleep is an important component of life; neglect of sleep threatens mental disorders and a deterioration in the quality of life at all levels. The Vedas say that the processing of emotions and shocks accumulated during the day takes place from 22:00 pm to 02:00 am. That is why during these hours you need to sleep to allow the psyche to rest and recover. Sleep while observing biorhythms gives a charge of vivacity and strength.

Interpretation of dreams based on Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology Jyotish interprets dreams, taking into account the dreamer's astrological horoscope and the location of the planets with the Sun and Moon relative to a particular House. Vedic astrology says that every person is a particle of the Universe, a microcosm in a macrocosm. An experienced astrologer, based on the analysis of dreams, will help to overcome the problems that have overtaken me in life-related to career, business, personal life.

Night dreams not only indicate current problems, they can warn against impending troubles and misfortunes, predict events in the future, and indicate personality contradictions. Prophetic dreams, as well as fragments from past incarnations, will mostly be filmed for people practicing spiritual practices, yogis, and astrologers. Vedic astrology says that secret signs are sent to people through dreams, especially if the dream or its main fragment is repeated several times.

But, not only signs and symbols determine the meaning of sleep. Each dreamer has his own "Lunar House" by the time and date of birth, it is he who predicts the future and the stages of his entire life. A personal forecast by the date and time of birth together with the "Lunar stages" will help to unmistakably interpret the meaning of sleep. The moon and its phases directly affect dreams. If you had a bad dream when the moon is in the waning phase, it's okay. If you have a bad dream on a full moon, it means that you are subject to excessive emotionality. It is necessary to unravel the meaning of dreams on the full moon based on the nakshatras.

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