Psychoanalysis of relationships in 4 Grof's matrices

Psychoanalysis of relationships in Grof's matrices
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Recently, the Daily Celestial team has been vigorously discussing the topic of psychology and relationships. Our forecaster Timur Garipov referred to Stanislav Grof, who is a very famous person in the world of psychology, or rather psychoanalysis. At one time, he was the first to talk about the psychotherapeutic practice of using psychedelia, such as LSD, DMT for medicinal purposes.

In 1975, he published a study, which he called the map of the human psyche. He developed this map based on psychedelic therapy sessions. Wikipedia has a lot of information on this topic, so if it caught your interest, dig into the study. He also talked about the so-called perinatal matrices. What is that you might ask? That is a certain theoretical model about the state of the psyche before and during birth. Read further and it will become clearer.

The matrix has 4 stages.

Stage 1 - a quiet existence in the mother’s tummy, where it is warm and cozy. They feed you and perhaps give you to listen to classical music, waiting for the birth of a genius. In other words, you live like in paradise.

Stage 2 is a little more unpleasant when your mother starts having contractions and you are taken from the paradise oasis without your will. You feel discomfort, inconvenience, there is a feeling of anxiety and fear.

Stage 3 brings more and more disappointment, as if you are crawling along a dark tunnel trying to get around obstacles, but with each passing second your breathing gets harder and the pressure reaches its maximum. You fight for survival.

Stage 4 as a reward for the experience in the previous stage you get relaxation and relief.

So, the Daily Celestial team came to one conclusion that this matrix is ​​very much reminiscent, and maybe directly affects the relationships and life of a person. It is as if the parallel of the past, falls on you and your relationship in the present.

Indeed, in a relationship, we, as a whole, go through all the stages of the matrix.

Stage 1, when everything is fine, dates and flowers, love and butterflies. You experience only positive emotions and harmony.

At stage 2, difficulties arise, for example, in the form of paying out a mortgage. It could still be.

At stage 3, crisis, disappointment and misunderstanding come to visit.

Stage 4 as salvation for a relationship: rethinking or breaking up, which also brings relief. Isn’t that so?! Oddly enough, but many relationships do not even survive to stage 2, not to speak of 3 or 4.

If you survived all the stages, then “you are a cool guy” or “you are a wise girl”, we respectfully shake your hand. You are an experienced and reasonable person who understands that harmony cannot be reached without a crisis.

Indeed, relationships are like young wine, at first sparkling, quickly stupefying head. If matured over time, wine is valued more because it will acquire a unique taste and aroma.

So, the Daily Celestial team as a result of the dispute came to a common denominator, that without struggle or disappointment there will be no victory both in love and in life!!!

Daily Celestial Team

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