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Life is an eternal struggle with oneself, sunrises and sunsets, smiles and tears, finds and losses.

Life is a constant stream of events and decisions. Who are we in this chain? Creators or Destroyers?

Many of us are confused about our purpose in life, finding the right path and making the right decision. Sometimes something happens by itself and happens uncontrollably. Sometimes it is the other way around, when a person becomes the king of the situation.

But not always, a decision made in a common sense is correct. And maybe this lack of control is the best solution. After all, everything that should happen will definitely happen.

Life always gives signals. The team, Daily Celestial, learned to see some of the signals using biorhythmology, of course, without forgetting astrology and math. The ability to decipher personal biorhythms can help a modern person in many ways. Even to answer the question in what he is a creator!

Biorhythmology is a science that studies the processes occurring in our body. Every living organism is constantly in a state of exchange of information and energy, and when these processes are disrupted, get bad effect on one’s life.

It is also important to understand that each of us has strengths and weaknesses. It is always easier to use what is already developed. But we urge you to open up, feel your energy and try to become stronger and to forget your personal weaknesses.

In addition to understanding our biorhythms, we must give the weak side the opportunity to develop and work out that part of the potential that is hidden from the public.

By opening this “closed door” a lot of energy is released and opportunities for growth arise.

Problem always have a solution.

You need patience and humility, as well as the courage to move forward, even in small steps. Then we will understand the meaning of life and our purpose in it.

Daily Celestial Team

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