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Love is giving. It is an act of sacrifice without waiting for something in return. If there are expectations, a small shadow in thinking that we will get something in return, then it is exchange/trade.

Situations in our lives help us to understand pure love. We learn to give without specifying a return address. Only someone who has something to give up can truly love. It could be money, skills, care, attention, sympathy. We love at different levels, love and generosity – go hand in hand.

We love our husband/wife, friends, family… when we grow – our love becomes more irretrievable, pure…

We appreciate friends not for the benefit, but just as is.
In relations M and W conflicts arise and it is normal, the main thing to understand and develop, rather than to fight in the name of “right.” When we don ‘t understand lessons, we are taught by children. They are small and according to my main lesson – we learn to love from them.

From children, we get nothing, but lose: no sleep, wild expenses, no free time, constantly mess, everything needs to be explained.

And every day, every hour – we love. And while we love, we become stronger to love even more.

Some expect something from their children – often children grow up and destroy the illusions of such parents, clearing consciousness from waiting, tearing up the remains of templates.

Everything we don ‘t finalize in a relationship – helped by children. To love is to give! You are what you give away.

The Apple tree gives apples. Tree doesn’t eat its apples; it gives them to everyone. The rose gives aroma.

We always have an opportunity for generosity.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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