December 11th Through 14th. Why Are These Days Dangerous?

December 11th Through 14th. Why Are These Days Dangerous?
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On December 14th, a solar eclipse will take place, which can make specific adjustments to the life of society in the coming days. The influence of this full moon will begin to increase from the evening of December 11th.

The word "eclipse" means to obscure, to make it invisible, dark.

Our consciousness and mind work great and produce productive results in clear sunlight. When there is no sun, a person ceases to be active, he becomes weak. The sun and moon are the sources of light and life, the basis for life. When they are not there, a person becomes helpless.

The current “show” will affect many areas of human life. Just as Mercury participates in this dance, and is logic and trade, Venus is relations and finance. The sun and the moon during this period will be weakened, which means that one should try to maintain the level of personal energy and not spend too much of it.

In this dance, there will be Jupiter (injustice and iniquity), even though his powers will be at the very minimum for 12 years and will be inhibited by Saturn. For several years now, there has been a planetary confrontation between these two planets. Saturn dominates in all battles.

I advise you not to make important decisions from December 11th till 14th. Avoid quarrels and conflicts. Don't make big purchases. It is best to rest, switch to understandable processes.

Also, if you are fond of, delve into spiritual practice, read books, avoiding the electronic versions, as it will bring excess energy.

Eclipse - overshadows the personal and public consciousness. It is not worth expecting adequacy from society.

It is a process of purification, elaboration, and deepening. A good time to start a daily schedule, voluntary dietary restrictions, and moderate physical activity. Do not take risks, avoid reflection on the external attacks of others. This is a good time to work on your mistakes.

Forecaster Timur Garipov

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