How to build a trusting relationship with your child?

How to build a trusting relationship with your child?
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Trust is an ephemeral feeling of closeness and openness in relationships with each other. If you have ever wondered how to make a child happy, we recommend that you start with building close and sincere relationships. Within which you will not have any secrets from each other, and your son or daughter will not be afraid to share with you any then personal problems or worries.

What kind of children are there? How to build trust with your child?

Like adults, children also have their own temperaments. Temperament cannot be ignored or taken too lightly because relationships can be built on different models.


If your child has this type of temperament, in most situations he is very friendly, cheerful, and active. He gladly accepts new living conditions, quickly makes new friends and acquaintances. The best strategy for interacting with a sanguine child is “trust but verify.” Due to his inexhaustible energy, he can promise a lot, but fulfill his promises through one thing or simply without due attention to detail.


The question of how to improve relations with a child is already more acute here because choleric people (unlike sanguine people) are much less open to the world. Despite their energy and desire to live, these children can often be hot-tempered, restless, and irritable. Therefore, experts recommend that you pay as much attention to them as possible and make it clear that in any case you love and appreciate such a child, no matter how he behaves.


These are quite shy children. As a rule, they do not have many friends, they are typically sad and like to spend time alone. Such a child needs to be given support and a sense of peace in the relationship with the parent. A melancholic must understand that no matter how bad or sad he is, mom and dad will always accept and understand his feelings, help with advice and give him the strength to conquer this life further.

Phlegmatic person

The most balanced and thoughtful type of temperament. Such children usually do not rush to conclusions or actions, instead, they will think over and weigh everything several times, and only after that, they will take a step. Psychologists' advice on dealing with phlegmatic people is most often based on the conviction to be patient and consistent in their statements and judgments. There is no need to rush such a child once again or worry about the fact that he is not taking an active part in life. Just trust his inner feeling and make sure that he does not completely break away from reality in his reflections and fantasies.

What if you have a closed child?

Children can close down for various reasons, but most typically the problem lies in precedents associated with moral trauma. For example, if your son fell in love with a girl, told about it, and instead of giving him good and sincere advice, you condemned the choice. If you said that this girl is not suitable for him, do not be surprised that next time the child will no longer want to share personal things, but will try to survive and digest them on his own. The more such situations occur, the more there will be spheres of life in which the child will try to figure it out on his own.

The child will keep on avoiding the support of his parents, so as not to listen to their condemnation or censure once again. Therefore, it is necessary always, and without any conditions, to carefully and sensitively react to everything that the child himself shares. In conclusion, we will say that, in addition to the methods described in the article for improving relationships with a child, there is another effective option — personal forecasting.

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