It should have happened - facts from the life of E. Hemingway

It should have happened - facts from the life of E. Hemingway
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Forecaster Timur Garipov, as an experiment, decided to conduct an express analysis of difficult periods in the life of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway. The next step will be a more detailed study of the biography and comparison of highlights: the plane crash, anthrax, and more.

“The very scheme of the planets, hereinafter - the electrical circuit, shows that Ernest was born with the aim of achieving fame and glory. Many fiery influences gave him the "madness and courage" regime. By nature, the personality itself is fickle, hot-tempered, changeable. I confess I have not read the works.

Got interested in a huge number of incidents in his life, a series of threats to his life and life in spite of the rule - you will live until the last hour has struck ”.

Dangerous period 11/30/1916 - 06/7/1918

“On July 8, 1918, Hemingway was seriously wounded by mortar fire. In the hospital, 26 fragments were removed from him, while on the body of Ernest there were more than two hundred wounds. Inside a dangerous period, he enters the red cross and goes to the front - the First World War ”.

Difficult period - 12/25/1928 - 04/25/1932

"In the fall of 1930, Ernest was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in fractures, head injuries and nearly six months of recovery from his injuries." In November 1930, after Dos Passos arrived at the Billings train station, Hemingway again had a car accident and broke his arm. As a result, the writer was hospitalized for seven weeks. "

“In January 1934, Ernest, returning from another safari, fell ill with amoebic dysentery. Every day the writer's condition worsened, he was delirious, and the body was severely dehydrated (six months before the start of the dangerous period).

The dangerous period begins 01.1954

"He continued to travel and in 1953 in Africa was in a serious plane crash (no exact date)".

Difficult period - 02/10/1958 - 04/23/1962

"On July 2, 1961, at his home in Ketchum, a few days after being discharged from the Mayo Clinic, Hemingway shot himself with his favorite gun".

The facts from life to confirm the analysis are taken from Wikipedia. Read our other express analysis in the upcoming articles.

Forecaster Timur Garipov

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