The Story Of One Forecast ... The Best Years Passed By Unnoticed

The Story Of One Forecast ... The Best Years Passed By Unnoticed
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The history of this forecast dates back to 2016. At that time, I practiced yoga intensively and held classes in a hobbies club. After classes, there was a tradition to drink tea and talk. Usually the conversations were about something spiritual or about current matters.

Sometimes Olga came to classes. She was a good person, but she always liked to express her dissatisfaction about something, she always wanted to get slimmer, and get a better job, and of course to improve her personal life. One day of classes, while drinking tea, Olga's personal topic was brought up. I built a graph and showed her that right now it was a good period at work for her. Also it showed that later her personal life will improve.

Everything seemed to be good, nothing foretold troubles. As time went on, yoga classes continued. Olga also continued to express her dissatisfaction with the “stars”: “I’m tired of work - the payment is little. There is no personal life. And the apartment is small, want to buy another one ”. Each time, the discontent grew sharper.

In 2018, after listening to a number of complaints about the “sky” again, I decided to look at Olga's forecast again with a fresh view. Olga gave feedback that the work remained the same and she did not start to like it more. She was in a relationship, but it did not bring her joy. She didn’t feel like a happy woman. I looked at the forecast again ... and became silent for a while. I think when you can’t say anything good - it's better not to break the silence. I could not say anything comforting to her. The best years, which she considered "not very" were behind and everything from there will continue in descending order.

Of course, I had to analyze the forecast and discuss some points with Olga. I emphasized the need to be grateful for what is there. Learn to see the good, even in the bad. To which, of course, the standard reaction was: “This is not what I wanted to hear!”. Later, towards the end of 2019, it turned out that Olya had stomach cancer. The relationship ended, the work had to be completed for health reasons. She sold property, was engaged in health support, procedures ... Summer 2020 she did not survive!

If you drew her personal annual schedule, then the beginning of 2020 began with a great failure in personal energy for her. The past “worst years” turned out to be really "the best"! This story was about the fact that often people do not see the objective picture and subjectively, they are not satisfied with their life and the benefits that come.

Only after losing and what they had - comes the realization. Learn to appreciate and thank for what you have today, in order to see your better tomorrow.

With thought in mind, Timur Garipov!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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