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Daily Celestial power of Muladhara
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Our “other half” will always be different, having the skills we don ‘t have. In close contact, as a living together - there is flame, fire and extinguishing.

We are annoyed in him/her by the fact that this skill is useful for us and we need to learn this skill.

Like a mirror, with its shine, that is interesting to our inner “crow”. We complement each other, we conflict - without it, there is no growth in a relationship.

And then the children are born and comes realization - at least it was possible to find a compromise with your partner in something.

In order to be healthy, you must remember that the basis of life is nature. The lower chakra is not humiliating, but the original one, in which the power of Muladhara is found. There’s no need for stagnation. For bodily and mental/emotional/vital development - is useful to shake this chakra and apply as intended, remembering that “I am an animal”.

Grief from the mind - we represent ourselves in such way, leaving the basis of life - “animal”, the nature, the source of life.

Wild nature of sex much more useful than holding a fork and a spoon in the right hands.

I wish to all to have some health improving procedures, as many as possible!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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