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What areas of business will be promising?

There is a cycle of overproduction. Society is important for business, not just a one-on-one trade. If we look at the average person in society, in the progression of time, this person will become poorer. Therefore, our business should be focused on its needs.

You can’t look at the topic of business locally, we sell services to the public, everyone has different wishes. You need to look not at what you like, but at what others like, to model, this will allow you to stay afloat.

Such questions need to be looked at locally in your personal astro horoscope, to know which direction to go and where to invest better.

Target industries

This is a list of areas of work that will be relevant in the future:

1. Consulting. We can help someone with our expert talents such as (psychology, meditation, healthy nutrition). This area does not require special energy costs, it depends on our energy and time. This is not a particular business, it is more of a self-employment, and there are few risks.

2. Food industry. Everyone loves to eat, and during the stress sweets especially. Sweet is a source of energy, all kinds of sugars, cookies, and buns. There may be a small home-based business such as home-made cakes, cooking, it will be relevant over time.

3. Beauty industry. No matter what kind of crisis it is, everyone wants to look good. Hairdressing services, stylists, makeup artists will always make money.

4. Online learning. It is possible to work in this area, but the product must be unique, otherwise it will be hard, since everyone is ripping each other’s content. Think about something that really will help your customer.

5. Business advertising, if a person has a communication skill, and he is a good advertiser, he can do services well and help people promote their products.

6. Legal services such as assistance to people with documents. Paperwork for migration for example.

7. Mini agriculture business: strawberries, greens, mushrooms. Rent summer cottages with land and work intensively.

8. The construction of low-rise houses, repairs in apartments, in houses, laying a stove, cutting trees, will also be in demand. Now everything is mixed up, and people with hands will be needed.

9. The top area of business is funeral services that are always relevant.

10. Sharing/renting/dropshipservices.

11. Equipment repairment (gadgets or electrical equipment).

12. Shops for children clothes/services/toys for children/ babysitters.

13. Protection in any form: weapon shops, baseball bats, security system/services, protective clothing and everything related to protection.

14. Eco-business only if it is applicable in the field of children.

15. Convenience store, small grocery shops, where there is a bunch of all and not expensive.

16. Tourism will become more flexible. In the coming year, 50% of tourism will fall, the other will change its shape.

Now it’s important to do the business that is familiar to us! When people have money, they love to spend it. After this crisis, people will have money, but won’t be able to spend too much. A person will buy, but will look more at the cheap goods, checks will become smaller.

In business, it all depends on our funds, our ability, energy, and our willingness to lose this investment. The more stable the business, the less profit it will bring. Now, only a risky business, will give a profit, but not always will it be a stable business. Investing in a risky business, one should only do with access money, that you are able easily to let go of, then they will start working for you.

There are no ready-made universal recipes, but we must understand the common market and where everything is moving!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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