The Moon and Its Impact on Life

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The influence of a lunar eclipse on life and destiny

Yah, Chandra, Mama Keela, Celeste, Luna. People have long honored the night light because not did it only made the night less dark and frightening, but also influenced life. The ebb and flow, mood and well-being of a person, natural phenomena, and important events depended on the moon.

This relationship was especially felt during the eclipse of the moon.

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up. Our planet is in the middle and obstructs sunlight. An eclipse can be total, partial, and partially shaded when the Moon is in partial shade from Earth.

This phenomenon can only be observed on a full moon. In ancient times, people did not possess modern scientific knowledge, attributed mystical properties to the lunar eclipse, and found a variety of explanations for it.

For most people, the reason was that the moon is being devoured by a deity or mythical creature. In ancient China, it was a huge dragon, in India - the demon Rahu, in the Scandinavian countries - the wolf Hati (Hatred), in Egypt - the god of death and war Set.

People were afraid of an eclipse of the moon because it marked misfortunes and natural disasters. Modern people were able to solve almost all the mysteries of nature, but they still notice the negative impact of a lunar eclipse on humans and the world around them.

Eclipse effect

The question of whether a total lunar eclipse affects a person causes a lot of controversy among scientists. Some consider this a proven phenomenon, others categorically deny it, and still others are sure that the whole point is in suggestibility and the peculiarities of the psyche.

But be that as it may, it has been noticed that on the days of eclipse, many become irritable and impulsive, they are seized with unreasonable anxiety, they often enter into conflicts. Mainly sensitive and observant individuals notice the effect of a lunar eclipse on the human body about two weeks before and two weeks after it.

Elderly people and pregnant women are especially exposed to it. During the eclipse, it is not recommended to consume alcohol, smoke, abuse junk food, because there is a high risk of the formation of bad habits. It is also undesirable to start important business, because they can lead to negative consequences that can appear even after 18 years.

The force with which a total lunar eclipse affects human life and health depends on individual indicators, in particular, on the moment of birth.

People born during the eclipse of the moon are most affected. It is worth noting that many of them are destined to become outstanding. An example of such people is Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Donald Trump, Kate Middleton.

Lunar eclipse control

To minimize negative impact, it is important to track the lunar eclipse. Your personal assistant, Daily Celestial will help you to identify the influence of unfavorable days on the psyche and life. This is an application based on mathematics, biorhythms and astrology. With it help you will know on which days you should focus on achieving goals and self-development, and on which days it is better to relax.

Using personal data and scientific knowledge, the forecaster Timur Garipov will make an individual forecast. Of course, the Moon and its influence are not the only ones that affect the fate of a person.

All the most important parameters are taken into account in the operation of the algorithm. To get a free personal forecast, you need to install the Daily Celestial app and make a request.

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