New swirl of astrology

New swirl of astrology is the basis of astrology, the foundation of mathematics, and the theory of biorhythms.
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There are many types of astrology in the world: natal, synastric, prognostic, business astrology ... and there are also runes, tarot, corn grains, coffee, extrasensory perception, Voodoo... Among all systems, there is one common feature - practicality.

There is also an oriental culture of astrology, which includes BPHSh, Nadi, Jaimini, different methods of Kota Chakra, Tajaka, Prashna, BSP, Yogini Dasha, Wimshottari, Gochara ... and there is much more. The main thing is that each method has its own individual system - its own world. Only after years of practice, this system turns into an instrument.

There are blind spots and unresolved issues in each system. Over 10 years of research, I managed to get solutions to many complex "equations".

I was lucky to make big discoveries and create my own forecasting technique. My forecasting system is the basis of astrology, the foundation of mathematics, and the theory of biorhythms. The Daily Celestial team and I began an active process of turning obtained knowledge into a convenient, visual, and understandable form. We have implemented our forecasting technique in the Daily Celestial mobile application.

We strive to make a user-friendly interface. So when the user logs into his account, he immediately receives an answer to a question that he is interested in. There is a special calendar of important days in our application.

The calendar indicates what parts of your life may require additional attention today. It helps you to prepare yourself for the future. A bad day is highlighted in red, as if a warning, a good day is in green. Everything is simple, clear, and understandable.

I will not be verbose, but we are preparing something colossal and practical at the same time.

Forecaster Timur Garipov 

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