Astrology VS Astronomy

Astrology vs astronomy
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Comparing astrology to astronomy is possible in the same way as comparing cooking and psychology or medicine and trade. These are completely different ideas that carry their meaning. People often do not understand, confuse, and bring these completely different concepts into one. Let try to figure it out ...

Astrology is a collection of predictive practices based on various traditions and beliefs. An important role in astrology is played by the influence of heavenly bodies on Earth and people, namely on character, behavior, and fate in general.

Astronomy is the science of the Universe that studies the mechanics of movement and arrangement of celestial bodies and systems in space. Astronomy studies the sun, planets of the solar system, satellites, asteroids, comets, black holes, and more. We figured out the main thing - astrology and astronomy, are completely different concepts, lets move on ...

What came first?

People took the first knowledge about the world from nature, creating myths and legends. In ancient times, people saw a certain system in the arrangement and grouping of stars. This is how the constellation designation appeared. Each researcher framed the boundaries of the constellation in his way.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the International Astronomical Union approved a list of 88 constellations into which the sky was divided. In 1928, clear boundaries between the constellations were marked.

Canonical astrology has been developing for over two thousand years. As everyone understands, people learned to see and believe before they could find a scientific interpretation of the actions of heavenly bodies.

Let's think this through a little ...

Astronomers say that observation without science is astrology. Astronomy's task is to minimize assumptions and accumulate accurate explanations supported by facts. Others believe that astrology is a science because it uses calculations when working with it. Well, decoding is already an orator's art.

There is also an opinion that science should be verified, make predictions that can be confirmed and refuted. For example, the force of gravity: drop an object - it will fly to the ground. We can see this and try to do it ourselves. We also know that we are living on a piece of stone, and there are many such pieces in space.

However, you cannot prove 100% that astrology works, and also you cannot prove that astrology does not work. From the point of view of astrologers, astrology is a system of theoretical and practical knowledge. This is a picture that is in sync with earthly events. Heaven, earth, man is unity.

Astrology is teachings that are passed down from generation to generation in treatises. The treatises themselves are based on observations of more than one person's life. The interpretation of these concepts is completely different, and the choice always remains with a person what to believe in and whatnot.

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