This is how the universe works!

This is how the universe works!
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The more control from the authorities, the greater the potential for reaction to control ... the sooner the end of this structure comes.

Dollar exchange rate, the ruble.

The longer the ruble is kept from its natural fall, the more rapid the fall will be. Total control through AI, video cameras, all sorts of chips, the usurpation of an ordinary person is bright signs of imbalance and the accumulation of potential for the reaction of the Universe. All this oppression and absurdity neutralize itself.

This is the law of physics: the force of action is equal to the force of reaction. The law of karma, in other words: the law of action. Karma is any activity. Therefore, in the current times - you need patience and calmness.

Watch the performance and stay out of the anvils. Only changes are stable!

Forecaster Timur Garipov

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