Vedic Astrology And Destiny

Vedic Astrology And Destiny. Personal Forecast By Date Of Birth
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Astrology: the influence of stars on a person and his destiny

Each of us is familiar with astrology. As a rule, this refers to the forecast for the 12 signs of the zodiac. But in fact, astrology is a complex science that studies the influence of the planets on human health and fate. If Western astrology, familiar to us, explores character traits, then in Vedic astrology – Jyoti’s - attention is paid to the character, health, and fate of a person.

The influence of Jyoti’s on destiny Jyoti’s is the oldest

Vedic teaching used to draw up an astrological horoscope by date and time of birth. Its history goes back over 4000 years.

The meaning of Jyoti’s is that everything in the universe is interconnected. What is happening to us now is the result of our actions in a past life. But fate can be changed if you do good or evil in the present. A personal forecast is made based on the position of the planets and the moon on the day and hour of birth. This allows you to get more accurate data. According to Western astrology, the planets change their position around the Sun every month, which means that all people that are born during this period should have a similar character.

The Vedic teaching says that it takes about two hours to change the position of the planets.

Planets have a huge impact on human life. To understand the nature of many phenomena, to protect yourself and loved ones from troubles, to avoid serious health problems, to achieve success, to prepare for unfavorable stages of life, to change fate, it is necessary to draw up an astrological horoscope. The Daily Celestial application will help with this.

Astrology and human health

Vedic astrology has known how the planets affect human health for a long time. According to modern medicine, the state of the body depends on genetics, external factors, and lifestyle. But this is only partially true. According to Jyoti’s, illness is the result of our past life and the disharmony of consciousness and subconsciousness.

The Vedic astrological horoscope helps to understand the programs inherent in us from birth. Diseases appear for a reason; they are associated with planets. 

  • Sun: affects immunity and general condition. Causes problems with rage, vision, heart, bones, stomach, headaches, baldness, irritability.
  • Mars: an aggressive planet that affects vitality and physical strength, iron in the blood, fever, bone marrow, anger, endometrium.
  • Mercury: governs the intellect, skin, throat, spine, nose, ears, spinal cord, speech.
  • Jupiter: Associated with gallbladder, veins, liver, ears, blood circulation, diabetes, fainting.
  • Venus: is responsible for sex drive, genitourinary and endocrine system, vision, face, skin, reproductive organs, thyroid gland, fatigue, laziness.
  • Saturn: affects the legs, nervous and lymphatic systems, bones, joints, large intestine, hair, teeth. From this planet come headaches, cramps, insomnia, paralysis, rheumatism, trauma, reaction to the weather and psychological stiffness.
  • The moon: mental and emotional disorders depend on it, all fluids in the body (blood, mucus, lymph), the left eye, nervous system excitability, sleep disturbances, heart problems, indigestion, diarrhea, etc.
  • Lunar node Rahu: responsible for the lungs, breathing, feet, mucous membranes, phobias, stomach ulcers, epilepsy, hemorrhoids, hiccups.
  • Lunar node Ketu: responsible for skin inflammation, infections, hypotension, speech defects, surgeries, undiagnosed illnesses and even epidemics.

Making a personal astrological forecast in the Daily Celestial App is an excellent way to navigate your daily life. You have the opportunity to get one free request to receive a personalized forecast today.

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