What’s Sups?

What’s Sups? No matter how great our nutrition is, we still are limited to producing some of much-needed nutrients.
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Benefits of supplements are so underestimated, in my opinion. It took me a while to learn the basics of the micro nutrients we need and how they affect our bodies. What I have learned is that our bodies needs help. No matter how great our nutrition is, we still are limited to producing some of much-needed nutrients. I will cover my top 4 that I can swear by:

1. Vitamin B complex — or how I call it “The Energy vitamin”. vitamin B deficiency can be developed by alcohol abuse, smoking, certain medications, vegan diet, aging, sometimes weight loss surgery. Our body needs it, but cannot produce it. Therefore, I just stick to a daily dose of vitamin B complex and I see a difference in my overall energy level, mood, focus, my hair and nails are stronger and most importantly, great pumped work-outs!

2. L-Glutamine is like gas for us, it helps to deliver nutrients to the gut, immune system and make other chemicals in the body. It’s our muscle saver and a friend.

3. Magnesium — this is a micronutrient that is often overlooked. Our body can only store 25 gr magnesium at a given time. Most of us need to supplement it. I have noticed that I started sleeping better, have better mood, recover faster from work-outs. I did some research on this wonder supplement and found out why: studies show that it helps with cardiovascular health, energy production, supporting normal sugar levels, muscle construction and relaxation, has a calming effect and helps with anxiety and depression, even learning and memory. I take 600 mg, everybody’s dosage is individual. There are different forms of magnesium, consult your Doctor which one is right for you.

4. Melatonin — “Good Night Sleep” drug. Like everyone else, sometimes I toss and turn after a long stressful day and my worries keep me up until the middle of the night. Or guess what — I am still hungry. Taking melatonin occasionally helps me fall asleep faster and get my necessary 8-hour sleep to let my muscle recover and restore and build energy for the next day work out. It’s a hormone that is naturally produced in our body at nighttime in a dark. It comes in pills or in a liquid form, some has an extensive release formula.

Go with the recommended dose and be careful when taking it first time to assess your energy level in the morning before you get in a car. I am still learning and researching other important supplements and herbs that can help us, what is interesting though — how readily available and so much cheaper than prescription drugs are they, we just need to educated ourselves and consult the Doctor.

Personal Wellness Coach Nika Helge

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