The story of one prediction ... why is date selection so important?

The story of one prediction ... why is date selection so important?
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Do you have an event planned, or maybe you are organizing a concert? Or maybe there is a general gathering within the company, or what other mass meetings? Have you ever noticed that with 100% preparation, something still always goes wrong? Recently there was another tense range from July 19 to 21st. There was a thunderstorm at night. Communication was knocked out ... both cellular and Internet, there was no access to communication for about a day.

As if everything was "coincided"! Several people wrote that there were big sudden difficulties in their plans on these days. If you have a choice 🦋 - choose 🔦. Karmic knots (events) will occur, but it is better not to tighten them, setting the date in a dangerous range. In June, a man approached me. He, on special recommendations, chose the date of the concert, which he organized. Guess from the first time what type of date has he chosen ?! And the outcome of the event was predictable!

This was a good experience for the person himself - a stage of growth for him.

But it could have been much more successful to hold the event on a favorable date. The choice was made uniquely on an unfavorable day for the person himself according to his biorhythms, and according to the general state of celestial bodies. Same thing goes for operations from dental and other interventions. It is better to choose dates at least based on the biorhythms of your body and mind, when healing and energy is above neutral. Ideally, take into account the doctor's / doctor's biorhythms as well).

Forecaster Timur Garipov

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