A good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep. For most of us, it is a natural act, and we just surrender and fall asleep naturally. If you are one of those – LUCKY YOU!
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When we sleep our body repairs itself, helps your heart to recover, and reduces inflammation. It’s a must to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to recover and rebuild. When I am on a diet, getting ready for competition, I need 10 hours of sleep. For most of us, it is a natural act, and we just surrender and fall asleep naturally. If you are one of those – LUCKY YOU!

I am not that lucky with getting a quality night’s sleep. However, I came up with a routine that helps me. To begin with, I wrap up all my hard intensity work-outs 3 hours before bedtime and turn off all electronics an hour before bed. I also place my phone in do not disturb mode an hour before sleep time. I take this time to journal my daily fitness tracker and to check on goals I met for the day, writing new goals for tomorrow.

Then I turn on some white noise to help me relax, my favorite is a fireplace video on the YouTube channel along with guided meditation. A few minutes in I am sound asleep. If I do wake up around 2:30 am which some of us do, I go back to my meditation and focus on breathing. Don’t take good sleep for granted.

I learned to appreciate it and the quality of the next day’s energy it gives you. Skip the party, leave early to make sure you get your nightly routine in, don’t overdo it in the gym at night, invest in your recovery. Give your heart a break.

Your good night's sleep is your good day tomorrow.

Personal Wellness Coach Nika Helge

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