Astrology for beginners: 4 elements and their meanings

Astrology for beginners: 4 elements and their meanings
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In the Zodiac, all signs divide into four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. This division is the basis of all astrology and its basic formations, knowing which it is already possible to develop in narrower areas of this science. In this article, we will review the symbolism of each element and indicate the advantages and disadvantages for people born on a corresponding day.


Fire signs of the zodiac have the following qualities:

● Energy and desire to live and create;

● Activity, drive, a charge of strength and positivity;

● Leadership qualities, ability to manage people;

● Some temper and harshness of character. Fire signs are natural-born leaders in their companies. They are always in the spotlight, always ready to make meaningful decisions and help the people around them. Fire in the natal chart is also responsible for desires and inspiration. Therefore, when the Moon is in the sign of Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius, you need to be especially careful with your emotions and not let them completely rule your life.


Watermarks have the following characteristics:

● High emotionality and sensuality;

● Developed empathy;

● Passivity and tendency to become isolated in difficult moments of life. People of water signs, like their element, constantly strive to fill the entire living space of friends and relatives. Thus, on the one hand, they can be amazingly faithful and reliable comrades. On the other hand, the lack of water element may lie in manifestations of hyper-custody over others.


People of the air most often possess:

● Ease in communication with people around, the ability to quickly make new acquaintances;

● Curiosity and tendency to learn new things and actively take on new tasks and projects. Like the air itself, people born under this element are easy-going and quickly find a job to their liking. They can harmoniously preserve the combinations of the elements and organize a pleasant communication of various signs of the Zodiac within the same company.


Earth is:

● Practicality and pragmatism—people of this element do not strive for lengthy reasoning and too long deliberation of issues. They prefer to do everything at once: directly, most understandably, and quickly.

● Dryness and low emotionality—the negative side of the earth element is certainly isolation of people. They don't put their energy into socializing or getting to know each other instead, they usually just go about their business. If there is a lack of earth elements in a person's natal chart, he may have problems fulfilling his obligations and tend to wander in the clouds.

Of course, knowledge of the four elements in the horoscope and natal chart is only the very foundation of astrology. To successfully form personal forecasting for yourself, you need to read a massive amount of literature and study numerous lectures. However, there is a more straightforward approach, such as the Android and iOS app from the Daily Celestial team.

The Daily Celestial App will fully replace your personal assistant in future planning matters, as it is based on mathematics, biorhythms, and the laws of the movement of celestial bodies, thanks to which automatic calculations are practically not inferior in quality to calculations made manually by an astrologer.

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