COVID-19 is the end of the business!

COVID-19 is the end, of the business
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COVID-19 is the end of the business! Choose where to put the commas yourself

Unpleasant entry

At the end of 2019, the planet was faced with a new type of virus, which later became a pandemic of a new type of pneumonia - COVID-19.

As of June 2020: infected - 6,270,410, dead - 375,645 statistics are not so happy.

The virus affected not only the state of human health, it affected economic relations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, the country level, at such a situation, is difficult to solve.

Even during a crisis associated with a pandemic, it is impossible to simply take and print money and then distribute it to the afflicted.

As a consequence of this utopian scheme, such development option may follow: people-firms that are close to “printing feeders”, who, with fresh unlimited capital, will now buy up suffering and bankrupt businesses: fitness centers, restaurants, real estate, the auto industry - cheaply. They will monopolize them later at a higher price.

The question remains: why help the afflicted businesses get on their feet, when it’s easier to pick up (buy) and fine-tune everything on your own.

Buy when the blood spills

“Buy when blood spills” - the words of the famous American entrepreneur, philanthropist John Rockefeller.

He, by the way, was the first official dollar billionaire in the history of mankind. He knew something! J. Rockefeller believed that the only way to survive is through unification, cooperation and mutual support. He said that success will be reached then, when people forget about nations and religions.

People need to start collaborating

People need to start collaborating. People are crushed and divided, closed by districts, scared and driven. Moreover, some ordinary people carry out the illogical orders of temporary mentors with “foam at their mouth”, thinking that they are doing a good deed.

Any crisis always somehow reflects on society, mainly negatively. But there are other options. Hope! Unfortunately, while there is a formula - violating rights for the sake of the majority, there will be difficulties. Because there is a handful of people who decide what the majority has and what is beneficial to it.

The economy is in the stage of hard overproduction - there are ten times more real estate than everyone needs: cars, phones, food and more. The epidemic is a reload of the business cycle. It seems as if worldwide conspiracy was organized to unload crowded warehouses. It is necessary to create a deficit and increase demand but at the expense of ordinary people.

What will happen next?

Everything depends on us. First of all, we ourselves need to change our attitude to the situation. The good news is that the peak of the crisis is over, restrictions are lifted, most people are cured.

All that is needed now is to unite and collaborate in order to create our new future.

Parting words

Erich Fromm wrote "Escape from Freedom". The book is amazingly written, short, capacious and to the point.

Look for answers there. See you!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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