Crisis-2020. What Will Happen To The Currency Of Emerging Economies?

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The crisis, that is happening right now, is not just another crisis, but a very strong test for the entire economy and society! Many traders, brokers, investors say, that the time has come to buy stocks, because they have fallen dramatically. Few people understand that this crisis is the sum of the crises of 1998, the Asian crisis 1997 and the strength of the 1991 USSR default crisis.

A lot has been accumulated in the economy of the world: real estate, automobiles, telephones. World warehouses are packed with products. The price of oil, is just an indicator, essentially it is not needed; it is needed only, when production is growing. Now the oil indicator shows that there is no production, and not because of an epidemic, but because this pause, that allows you to wake up the capacity of plants and factories.

Now the economy is starving, and in this hunger strike there are 2 scenarios for the global economy:

  1. during 5-6 years due to the struggle with evil (epidemic) there will be a round of growth and then decline and correction;
  2. without correction, immediately the fall of the economy.

This is only the first wave ending, but there will be another wave in the summer, and a very hard blow in the fall. It’s not so important even to invest in the business, but to accumulate currency: dollars, Swiss francs. For now, just to accumulate until better times. Now we are just entering the wave of crisis. You need to wait until this soap bubble is blown away and only then, after a reboot, will you be able to rise.

Right now we are moving according to scenario 1, so you can safely get your talent out of the closet, because now it’s not time to work for someone else, but to develop yourself.

Now, even though this crisis is not related to health, but finances, health should be the first thing among this chaos. In ancient astrology, whenever a question rose “Will I be rich”, first thing they looked on one’s life longevity.

Finances, as energy, if we have the strength, we have health, and the consequence of our energy is money. The more our personal energy we have, the more money we will get. We accumulate energy, but due to the emotional calmness, get our mind worked up. We overthink too much, and we spend it, and then it’s hard to do practices, meditations to bring yourself back to normal.

Everything related to health: exercise, nutrition, daily routine, helps build up our energy. When our energy rises, we can earn and attract more. There should always be a starting point, not how to make money, but how to pull it up.

We now have time, that we can use to reboot our daily schedule and set the mode of the day so that we have a basis, energy. In April, when business activity rises and the boundaries open, one should be ready to have a certain amount of energy built up by that time.

Humor will be one of your salvations. Laughter breaks many karmic fetters. If we can take the situation and laugh at it, then we get to see it from the other side and get a larger spectrum on the situation into consideration.

The topic of energy is very related to time and any business/earnings, are related to our energy. We know all the formula in physics (energy divided by time, equals power). Therefore, the power of our earnings depends on two parameters: our energy and our time.

If you are weak and experiencing fatigue during this crisis, then the crisis will be disastrous for you in the end. Suppose this business area is good, but if you have little energy, it will be difficult for you during this crisis to get money out of this job. Personal horoscope, it better reflects your capabilities, the period of life. This should be a “Must have” for everyone right now.

As one of the old masters said, there are three ways to do the right thing, and they are: method of repetition, cut and try method, and thinking (when you think, ponder and only then act).

I hope we are moving towards the most optimal path out of this economic crisis. We all have heads on our shoulders, we have many tools to make the right decisions, unlike the crises of the past, when there was no such possibility as the Internet. This is power for us, and we need to join forces, to co-create, to get together, to get out of this stupor, which is now happening.

It is important to rest during a crisis. Success for success here does not work, when you have little energy, you need to make up for it. When you have a lot of energy, you need to act, you need to define your personal biorhythms. We are currently working on the App and soon going to release it. It will help to calculate your biorhythms and find ways and days that are best to act, without any damage for yourself. Everything needs to be done on time. We can more competently give our energy to business.

Appreciate yourself and dose your energy!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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