How To Proceed After The Crisis?

How To Proceed After The Crisis? Crisis, with which we are dealing now, is very global and comes up very rarely. Last time it was seen in the 1920s and known as the Great Depression in America.
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The main thing here is to understand, that we all have our personal view, our creed on life. Something unites us all, we all are human, live on the same planet, and the global economical cycle that has begun and is about all of us. It was clear that difficult times were coming for us, not to mention that the whole planet is worried now about the virus. We must understand that, this whole situation that is happening around the world, is not about the virus at all.  As for the round of events that are taking place, we have only just begun.

That’s the problem, all the people who are now running and buying real estate and cars, think that it’s a standard economic crisis model. As usual, when the currency falls, we buy real estate, cars and after it strengthens on the market, we sell them more expensively.

The bottom line is that this crisis, with which we are dealing now, is very global and comes up very rarely. As a matter of fact, last time it was seen in the 1920s and known as the Great Depression in America.

In 2018-19, I spoke with people about business regarding upcoming events and knew that people didn’t understand me. All the events that are happening now are not simple, we are dealing with large-scale influences.

These events that are happening right now, create chaos for the people. Everyone has no ground under their feet, no one understands what to do, what is happening. There is such confusion and reeling. Now our main resource of strength is health, and we should take care of it.

The worst thing is that the government system is the same as the economy and moving in the same circular pattern, in the same scheme.  We can see now, that what is going on and that this crisis began not just now but back in 2019. Now they are serving us the crisis, “under the sauce of epidemic”,  and began the reboot of the economy. That is, the warehouses are now being cleaned out for the new products.

As we know, every year we have more phones that we update already reluctantly. iPhone 11 has already been released, but many of us still have iPhone 5 that we are okay with and that is still working well. We have enough bread, canned food, and food in general. So in recent years, real trade has stopped. The overproduction is wild, it stimulated the fact that there are too many goods and companies do not manage to sell them.

The most important indicators that we need for analysis are real estate and cars. When you run out of money all the inflation besieging in the growth. The more money is printed, the more prices are rising, because we buy more expensive real estate. Your excess money after you buy real estate, more precisely, you should have it, but in reality is taken through the increase of real estate.

For example: with real estate, we are growing its value and there is no real demand for it in reality. Marketers, companies that build real estate are in alliance with the authorities. They are trying by any means to motivate people to buy real estate in a mortgage: at cheaper, more profitable, etc., but the cost is growing.

Also with cars, mind you, there are whole alternate airfields that are clogged with new cars. There are entire new cities in China, with apartments, pipes, wallpapers that are empty and almost no one is living there.

This is done to show in global economic reports that there is a great concrete, metal and other consumption is going on. When this happens, prices go up but in reality we have no real demand for concrete, metal or any of them. Now they are trying to equalize this imbalance due to the epidemic. They abruptly pressed the “stop tap” in the economy. Because of these actions that there will be a lot of unemployment.

I have spoke about this before and because of this, there really can be a lack of food. They will now force the accumulated warehouses to be cleaned out and thereby create a space to relaunch the economy.

These are logical chains around the world and this reboot should have happened back in 2015. They pulled this reboot back as much as they could, and that’s the problem. Like the string, the longer you pull, the harder it will hit. We are now dealing with the fact that it turned out to be a “sudden effect”, even though it was foreseen before.

If we talk about the recommendations, then you need to trust your hands and eyes only. The crisis is happening not every day, it is not permanent, and this wave of difficulties has now begun to subside. Between March 23 and April 15 there should be a point when some restrictions will be lifted, there will be indulgences, improvements and until the beginning of July our lives somewhat should go back to normal. The currencies will gradually strengthen, everyone will be happy, they will forget about the virus, and this will only be done to calm everyone down.

The most important thing for everyone to be able to regroup. Rebuild the strategy of life, work, business on an anti-crisis model. Work more precisely, flexible and work hard.

Now Saturn is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is a sign of tremendous labor, everything will move slowly. Now the most important thing is to believe in yourself and move forward. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are dealing with, everything must be given a lot of effort.

Only those who are ready for a large increased co-factor of labor costs, those who are ready to work hard (one of the keys to success), and move on solid ground will succeed. Capricorn is a sign of metal, earth, and the solid is created by pressure, by great efforts. If you are ready for this, then everything will be fine.

During the Great Depression Saturn was also in Capricorn and its impact lead to 25% of the people were unemployed. Last week, statistics came out in America for 6,000,000 people who are currently unemployed. We are already repeating the history.

We must see the whole picture of what is happening. When you have a scheme in your head, then it’s easier to act and make your moves.

Now everyone is broadcasting about a new transition in economics, astrology reading, about conspiracy theories but it is all not important. We loose calmness over too much information, and when it is lost, and with it is our energy. Unsystematic knowledge clogs your head and you lose harmony. If you lose harmony, then you cannot move.

What is important, is to invest in what you can touch, not risk. Methodically and orderly move towards your goals. Prepare that we are working now for a long time and there is a time until July to regroup.

From the end of June to mid-August, make stock up on currency. The most difficult time will be in autumn. If on a scale from one to five we had a 1 in March situation, then in the fall it will be all 5. Real estate prices will fall, maybe even a bit earlier. On a more global level will be the deceleration of the economy. A series of bad events will begin on November 16th.

Now it is time to re-arrange, rebuild your behavior patterns. Think about the importance, think globally but act locally. Do not take risks. The risk should be moderate, as moderate as possible. Don’t invest in anything. That is you can exchange currencies into dollars, I think this is not a risk, it is not even an investment, but in this way we maintain the purchasing power of our money. If we talk about the mortgage, then yes, it’s better to wait, about 5 years from now to buy something.

Other currencies will become cheaper, it will be easier to pay out a mortgage. Those who have not yet taken a mortgage, it is better to wait for the prices drop, the easiest is a double price drop. In 1929, apartments in America fell 4 times in value.

It is better to buy a dollar currency before the end of June. You can buy dollars, or you can buy Swiss francs, this currency in which everyone stores money in the world. At the time of the crisis there should be no investments into stock markets, forget about them.

You can buy them if you are a speculator, if you can constantly monitor the stock market and respond quickly. For a normal person, the stock market for the next 2-3 years should be forgotten altogether.

In addition to everything, we are still waiting for the fragmentation of states in EU. The territorial boundaries will collapse. We all remember how unshakable the USSR was.  We know that Great Britain has left the EU. It has not yet been fully concluded; there is no concrete agreement yet. So in the near future Euro will drop to the dollar level or maybe it will become even cheaper. The dollar against other currencies will certainly look promising and stable.

Now it’s important to understand that it is not worth storing the currency in banks. It is a bit annoying, but it will be safer to store at home. We do not have that many banks, and they are all tamed. Tomorrow evening there will be an order and in the morning, when you open your account to check, your money has gone in an unknown direction. Better keep money at home, in a cache, or currency. It’s better to be the master of your money yourself. Get rid of excess real estate, cars. If you don’t own excess cars and apartments, then in the future you will be able to buy them.

Of course, so that everyone understands, one thing is a common horoscope, macroeconomic movements, and another is your individual horoscope. When you have a good horoscope, you will earn money regardless of the situation, so fearing a crisis is not worth it.  Statistics on 25% of unemployment is sad, but not all will be unemployed. The economy is moving forward. The old businesses and the corporations, they will collapse. The energy of their money capital will be distributed, scatter and redistributed. Where there was little money, there will be a lot of it, and it is important to understand that you just need to move. Now it is important to be relaxed, not to strain much, but not to overrelax either. Do actions but be calm inside, understand what is going on.

Now is the time when you can lay the foundation, as they say, “in the 90s someone rose in business”, this is as just the time to rise. Anyone, who is ready to work, move and trust himself will be fine and the key to success is now unification. If you have friends, the family that you trust, it is now the time to work side by side, to consolidate your capital. Team up with people and create something new.

Everyone has their own talents, now is the time when you need to open your eyes to “what I can do to help myself?”. Now is not the time to work for a boss, to seek salvation, but it is time to show your talents and find your strengths. If you have a good horoscope, then you will be fine.

Worries about the crisis for the epidemic is not worth it and there is nothing to worry about.

Now is the time, while everyone else is afraid and backing away, while everything is empty and the economy is unloading, for us to move forward.  There are no specific templates for what to do, you just need to trust your instinct and your open up your potential. Such questions need to be looked at locally in your personal astro horoscope, to know which direction to go and where to invest better.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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