Big Interview With Daily Celestial Forecaster Timur Garipov. Part 2. What Is Happening In The World Now?

Big Interview With Daily Celestial Forecaster Timur Garipov. Part 2. What Is Happening In The World Now?
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The same thing is happening as last year. In January and February, as was in 2020, the coronavirus topic is escalating. The closure of 11 million cities in China due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Strict national quarantine in Britain. The scenario repeats itself - it is the epidemic that is blamed for the fact that the economies of many countries are suffering. “Under the sauce of the epidemic” many countries are showing how bad everything is.

People do get sick, and we worry about people. It is important for them to distribute a lot of money under a plausible pretext, because a bunch of huge enterprises are bankrupt.

"By taking money, we are delaying the time of inevitable collapse."

They have some unknown goals. Many well-known businesses suffered the large losses. But stocks are going up and money is pouring in. Thus, they are left with a plus, and people who are not in the game will remain with big minus. At the expense of ordinary people everything is paid for - this whole banquet. Therefore, fundamentally, without touching on any exaggerated indicators, the economy is in deepest crisis, which did not exist for a very long time.

I repeat once again - the crisis of 2008 did not pass.

This crisis was a little suppressed, but it remained a major echo. Today we are living the wave that is more than 100 years old. The layering of several global causes that shocked the community so much is a consequence of such actions by leaders and governments.

From November 2020 to April 2021, Jupiter accepted the legal right of leadership. This planet is responsible for regulating relations in society and for finances. Jupiter is now in a very bad position. Once every 12 years, Jupiter has very weak strength. But okay, if only Jupiter was in this position, but the same situation is observed with Saturn. In astrology, this is called planetary war. Warm, light-giving orange Jupiter and dark, gloomy and cold Saturn. Such planetary wars do not go unnoticed.

The last time this was in 1960, when the USSR set up a missile base in Cuba, not far from the United States. Then there was a severe crisis with unpleasant consequences. There was a strong confrontation that ended in the Cold War. Soon there could be a similar scenario between China and the United States.

The main question is: why is this confrontation happening? The reason is simple - to build something, you need to destroy something. There are two global engines in any economy - cars and real estate. To create them, you need a lot of concrete and steel. For the economies of many countries, it is important that there is always a demand for just such money equivalents. They are needed to launch other industries.

Therefore, there is a financial incentive in society to buy property. Not all people have the opportunity to buy an apartment. How do you get people to shop? Spread propaganda and raise the stakes! People on their last hard-earned money begin to take out loans to buy real estate. With falling incomes, people also take-out mortgages. But the mortgage is not available for everyone. A wild rise in prices from manufactured goods and products to cars and apartments.

This divergence always occurs before major events in the economy. No one will fold stocks and go to Bitcoin. We are now talking about large fund managers with billions of dollars. A friend of mine voiced his opinion about the need to buy gold. Gold is also a speculative asset. Moreover, at the time of the crisis, the cost of gold is also inflated. Soon gold will lose part of its value, and this may be 30-40%. Despite all the support measures, we must look at what is happening now in reality. People are forbidden to work, people are fired, people get sick and there is a COVID-19 hysteria.

The biggest danger is not Covid-19, but hunger. I can give only one recommendation; it is the same as in 2019 - you need to have food supplies. While this is unnoticed, but soon there will be a collapse of enterprises that manufacture and distribute all types of food. It could be this year or next. The reason is simple again - why sell cheap products here, when you can earn more selling these very products to other countries?! In these times, it is profitable to work so that the income is in foreign currency.

The fall will be colossal. The mortgage is even more so - buying a real estate, is not buying like buying a gum. Given the cycle of falling incomes, lack of demand for rent, the housing market may fall in the 10-year phase. It may so happen that there will be no home sales until 2030. There will be no new clients until the generation changes. Until new people grow up or appear with new money.

Therefore, there will not be soon new demand, and will be long-term decline.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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