Big Interview With Daily Celestial Forecaster Timur Garipov. Part 1. Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Rate. Forecast

Big Interview With Daily Celestial Forecaster Timur Garipov. Part 1. Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Rate. Forecast
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Today there are many types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ... The number of these currencies is very similar to the number of sites at the first stage of the formation of the Internet industry. Then many companies began to actively create websites and promote their products through the Internet.

The same thing is happening now. We arrive at the same cycle, characterized by strong currency propaganda. The term "crypt" means an ancient burial, burial ground, or in medieval Western European architecture one or more underground vaulted rooms. For currency, this is also a burial ground.

Because the first vulnerability of such a currency is a possible blocking behind which all of its value will be lost. Let's discuss the main and one of the very first known currencies in the world of cryptocurrency - Bitcoin.

The cost of bitcoin has already reached $ 42,000.

The price for bitcoin is "inflated" and focuses on the dollar. "Americans are given money, they buy Tesla, Bitcoin, and others." Now there is a strong "growth" and there is no real demand. Unfortunately, even when we see the money working in the stock market; in the real market the money is absent. In my opinion, there will be money in the stock market until moment X. Until the moment when there will be a command and money will be printed.

Yesterday, the dollar index, which shows supply or lack of supply, stopped its decline. "Dollars are no longer distributed as they were before." Once the dollar index starts to rise, large masses of money are funneled into buying bitcoins and other currencies. Back in March 2020 - Bitcoin was down 40% a day. In this case, Bitcoin can be compared to a soap bubble - it is very beautiful, but do not last for long. Bitcoin's past peak in 2018 was very much in line with the beginning of the stock market decline.

But Bitcoin fell even faster than stocks on exchanges. As a result, I can say that as soon as money enters the market, part of it is “transformed into Bitcoin”. Even if its price rises, there is no real demand. Until all cryptocurrencies move in the real market, they will have no value. The only thing that is clear is that no government will give free money without control to walk between people. Soon the price of Bitcoin will decline. I, as a forecaster, do not see the future here.

P.S. We always have an opportunity for generosity.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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