Enjoy the sunset. Think globally! 

At sunset time you need to think globally
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Sometimes you need to make a strong-willed decision, forget about things and stop chewing on your gum of thoughts. In other words, stop and start thinking globally! The time of the sunset is very favorable for immersion in global thoughts.

Our life is rhythmic and divided into cycles. This is noticeable in nature, and namely, in the seasons. There are winter, spring, summer and autumn. We know that spring comes after winter. After, spring turns into summer. It's unavoidable!

We have learned to enjoy these natural phenomena, although this happens all the time, every year.

If you somehow want to influence the rhythms of nature, you will not succeed. It remains only to accept and follow. You can not argue with nature! Do not need to. You just need to plunge into it and learn to recognize the signals.

We must accept this wisdom, which is given by nature. Wisdom is learning to rejoice and apply the periods of nature as a blessing to our spiritual and physical growth.

Have you ever wondered why the northern peoples differ from Europeans in intelligence and wisdom? Everything is simple! Because without these qualities, they cannot survive in harsh and long winters.

They prepare supplies, protect their loved ones from severe frosts, they know how to protect heat. Residents of the North understand how and when to meet their spring. They are one with nature. They know that non-observance of the rhythms of nature threatens disharmony, impaired health and crisis.

We, residents of urban cities do not understand all of this. But no one is stopping us of thinking about it all. Think globally! Think during sunsets!

Can you boast of your harmony with nature?

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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