Interview “Economic Forecast For World Events”. Part 1

Economic Forecast For World Events. Part 1
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What are they ... countries of another world? Quite a long time ago, the countries of the world were divided into four groups. Accordingly, the countries of the first world are wealthier, and the fourth are states that are at the stage of survival.

As a young man, in a history lesson, I learned that Russia, Great Russia, one of the countries that won World War II, is a third world country - I felt hurt.

Now, as a mature man, I have a clear understanding of why everything is so.

Plunging into the economy, I understand that there are indeed countries with very developed economic establishments, and these countries have resources. For example, Belarus is also included in the list of third world countries.

The current situation in the country is not very favorable, but there it will be the same as everywhere else, nothing new will happen.

This is just an external plot, an attempt to explain to us what is happening.

We are saturated so that it is convenient to think that some kind of struggle for justice is taking place, but in reality, the authorities don't care. There is one planet and it is run by a large housing and communal services office. A certain ontogeny is created to form the appearance of resistance.

Elections in the United States of America are just around the corner, and it seems to everyone that there is a fierce struggle between Democrats and Republicans or Republicans against Democrats in parliament, as it suits them.

But, in fact, two hands do the right thing.

Consider a more global situation of confrontation between America and China. There is no frustration, everything is agreed and moves clearly according to the scheme. When you understand that the world is moving according to a pattern, it becomes much easier to live.

The right time and reason is coming and as a result, the main motive is management and finance. In 2018, I made a forecast foreshadowing the crisis, it happened, but was given a different name “Covid-19”.

An attempt to unload the economy has failed.

Oil prices did not rise and everyone understands perfectly well that it will not be better. The time that was given until mid-June is over. The world is again plunging into a zone of turbulence. In the fall, there will be important changes in relations between countries. Towards the end of September everything that was hidden will be revealed. This is an important moment for the Third World countries.

Everyone expects the US central bank to hand out a lot of money and help with business development. But… The system works well there, and we need to understand where it is going. This is a leaky economic trampoline that is pumped with air.

But, as soon as the button on the pump is turned off, the whole structure will collapse. It is not endless, at the end of September we will see the reality.

Let's get back to the economy ... The essence of the economy is that you have to pay and reproach people. As an example, the production of oil and gas declined and the price fell. Or a simpler explanation.

Previously, they gave 1 liter of juice to drink for everyone, and then they gave half a liter of juice, which had to be diluted with water. It seemed that everyone had enough, but everyone remained dissatisfied. Another example regarding currency.

Previously, the dollar was 40 rubles, now 80 rubles. Shortly, a course of 90 rubles, or even 120, will seem to be a very good purchase. What awaits us is what happened during the collapse of the USSR.

Although, the Union was inviolable ... Now the same thing is happening, only with the fragmentation of the European Union: Britain's withdrawal, the Netherlands' announcement of its withdrawal. This also applies to Russia.

During changes, nothing can remain in its place.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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