Interview “Economic Forecast For World Events”. Part 3

Economic Forecast For World Events. Part 3
By DailyCelestial
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Many are waiting for the opening of the borders to finally leave for the long-awaited vacation. If you are lucky enough to do this, choose a vacation spot with a more stable tectonics, Europe, for example.

Try not to dwell on too much negativity around you.

If rain is promised for today, take an umbrella. If you received information that you did not like very much, prepare for it. Winter in the economy means a period, a stage – the same as in the weather. After all, you need to harvest firewood for the winter to stay warm and will need a certain amount, and this takes a certain time to collect. It's the same in the economy.

What will happen in December? The price per dollar in Russia is 90 -120 rubles will feel like normal. Global economic reforms in three countries and you will soon find out which ones.

Further will continue to get more interesting... For example, the state offered the residents of Israel to withdraw a percentage of their money from their accounts to fight the Coronavirus. People were indignant and felt that the state was reaching into their pockets.

Or the story with the stock market - when the stock market bursts, money just disappears somewhere. Case in Iceland. Through the 2008 crisis, Iceland, like many countries, also suffered. The government decided that every Icelander should contribute a certain amount of money to the treasury to help the country overcome the crisis. But the Icelanders acted differently. The residents of the country organized a massive gathering and informed the government that they did not owe him anything.

Let the ones who were in power at the time of the crisis take the blame for everything and none of the Icelandic residents paid their money. And this is an example of what everyone should do too. You need to ask from the one who leads everything in a crisis moment. If you cannot correct the situation in the country, leave!

The government is playing a bad game: squeezing money from ordinary people under the guise of fighting evil.

But in fact, they pursue their own interests. The strong spirit will cope with the obstacle! It is important to understand where the wind is blowing and use this wind as a driving energy for your life purposes. The energy of this and next years is very powerful.

It is necessary to use this energy in a direction. Imagine that you have a wind generator, put the blades in the right direction, and move with the wind towards your goals.

It is important - not against, but to move behind the wind.

This energy can help you achieve a lot and live in peace for the future ten years. I sincerely wish everyone to direct your wind in the right direction. To fulfill the five-year plan for this and the next year. So that all changes are downwind! Without resting on the old, be light and open to change.

Do it yourself for the best years of your life. I also wish you to accept not only growth and abundance, but also be cleansed of lies.

Remember that illusions hover around us.

Learn to consider them! Illusions make life difficult and complicated. When there are no illusions, life becomes systematic, understandable, and bringing joy. There is nothing negative about these forecasts and events. This is just a strong energy; you need to be able to master this wave. I believe that everyone will be better than they were, and you should believe in it too!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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