How to get rid of the habit of self-flagellation?

How to get rid of the habit of self-flagellation?
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Self-flagellation is a process in which a person consciously blames himself for all kinds of failures, and he does this not so much in order to learn from mistakes, but in order to further arouse in himself the feeling of guilt and inadequacy.

Self-flagellation is extremely harmful. It does not carry any beneficial function for a person, but only aggravates his complexes and moral problems, so if you find in your character a habit of constant and cruel self-criticism, you should pay attention to this and, possibly, get rid of this problem.

Self-flagellation: causes of occurrence There are five main reasons why a person may be prone to self-flagellation:

• Education — if children are often scolded and punished in childhood, if they were not given the right and the chance to make a mistake, it is highly likely that they will be overly critical of themselves in adulthood.

• Low self-esteem — there can be a lot of reasons, but people who do not give themselves a penny frequently mistake any slightest failure for a personal catastrophe.

• Genetics—the hereditary factor also plays a role. If the parents were prone to self-criticism, this trait most likely will be passed on to the child.

• Infantilism - finally, banal infantilism can also cause excessive self-criticism. Some people are so afraid of accepting responsibility that they constantly reproach themselves and scold themselves for the slightest offense.

5 ways to get rid of self-flagellation

Let's take a look at five popular ways to get rid of self-criticism and depression:

• Accept yourself for who you are. Yes, you just need to admit to yourself that no one is perfect. Every person has strengths and weaknesses, every person makes mistakes from time to time, and you are no exception. Leave excessive perfectionism, do not strive at all costs to always be better than others. Just live in pleasure and philosophically look at possible failures.

• Stop constantly comparing yourself to others. Each person has his own destiny. You do not need to constantly pay attention to the people around you in order to determine whether you are better than them or worse. Life is not at all a competition or a sporting event in which you must definitely emerge victoriously. Just accept your personal path and walk on it.

• Console yourself in case of failure — if you have suffered some defeat in life, instead of continuing to blame yourself — try to console. Indeed, you are already faced with some kind of negative emotions, so why continue to wind yourself up further when nothing can be changed? Sit down, consider what the problem was, and teach yourself some life lessons.

• Live in the present. As they say, the past is already gone, and the future is still uncertain. Therefore, you should stop constantly spinning episodes from the past or fears about a future life in your head. Live in the here and now, enjoy the real moment.

• Take action! Finally, one last tip — do something! Often, even in a bad situation, you still have the opportunity to fix everything and put it on a profitable track. Therefore, instead of sitting and worrying about failure, get up, pull yourself together and go to conquer life. In this article, we have tried to answer the question of how to get rid of feelings of guilt and self-reproach.

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