Is Man Not The Master Of His Destiny!

The captivity of karma
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The most important thing that we need to realize is that we need to stop worrying too much and blaming ourselves, our friends, relatives, government when something bad is happening in our lives. Sometimes, it can’t be done otherwise, because your life cycle goes through such a scenario. But, is everything already predetermined?

All people are different, and everyone has their coordinate system. Regarding our freedom, I like to say:

A person is a vertical puddle.

We are made of the water and willpower that are a very strange combination. We’re being told that we can do everything and it’s all up to us, I think it’s all a very big “fake”. When we strain and try to take on too much, that’s when we lose our free will. We run out of energy; we stop loving ourselves, and on the energy scale, we start to fall to the bottom.

Only when we calm down and begin to understand there are predefined things in life, we can accumulate strength and at the right moment we can make a “jump” to escape from the captivity of karma. When you believe in free will, you essentially do not have it. When you believe that life is a stream of events, then you have the opportunity.

It is very valuable for everyone to have their personal astrological reading.

Why is it necessary?

You then understand when you have favorable days, when they are not favorable. You see what is possible to strengthen, where to relax, how to behave in certain circumstances to pass a difficult period with minimal losses. This is essential especially at the time of crisis, when you need guidance to work through this chaos.

During this crisis some people will continue to work at their jobs, someone will open a new business, someone will find new talents. Everyone has their talents, and at the time of the crisis, they all open up. So this is time to move forward for everyone.

We should let less info noise into our lives from economists, tv, astrologers. They take away your life energy, you need to trust yourself. These events are not as terrible as panic. During the epidemic, more people died from fear than from the sickness.

There is no point in worrying. Ignorance is not so terrible as the illusion of knowledge. It’s better not to trust anything, only yourself! Stay calm, healthy and safe and wash your hands with soap!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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