Planetary yoga and Jyotish. What is in common?

Yoga — combinations of planets in Vedic astrology Jyotish. The ancient teaching helps to study human life based on the combination of Grahas, explores their influence and relationship in the natal chart.
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Vedic astrology Jyotish is an ancient science that studies the present, past, and future of a person, his character, and health. There is such a concept as “Yoga” in it. It has nothing to do with the currently popular spiritual practice. Yoga in Jyotish are combinations of planets (Grah). Several thousand yogas are described in ancient texts. They are both favorable and unfavorable. In the natal chart of each person, several planetary yogas are hidden, the analysis of which is essential.

Analysis of Yoga

The intensity of the manifestation of any yoga depends based on the Rashi and Lagna, while analyzing the natal chart, all aspects must be considered. Furthermore, some yogis appear throughout a person's life, while others only at certain periods. When studying planetary yogas, one should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Connection with strong planets: for example, if a strong positive Graha is weakened by a connection with negative Graha, then its influence will be weak or absent altogether. This rule works the other way around, that is, the action of a negative planet can be neutralized by a positive one.
  2. Aspects of the planets: the manifestation of yoga is influenced by the houses (Bhavas), in which the Grahas are located, forming yoga, which they control and aspect.
  3. The power of the rulers of the signs occupied by the planets that form yoga: for the manifestation of yoga, the ruler of the sign must have a favorable status in the horoscope. If the Moon is a significant part of the conjunction of the planets, then lunar yoga — Chandra is formed. Their actions manifested more than other yogas in the natal chart. There are only three solar yogas when the Sun dominates. Their owner will be unusually rich, will take a very high position in society.

Living in Yoga style

The combination of the Sun and the Moon at the moment of a person's birth allows you to learn more about his physical condition, the ability to contact the world. Let's take a look at the features of some yogas of birth:

  • vishkumbha: born in this yoga is free in his business, attentive to his body and happy with family and friends;
  • priiti: endows a person with oratorical abilities, attractiveness, generosity, wealth, benevolence, the ability to have fun and enjoy the happiness of good people;
  • ayushman: this yoga implies love to travel, pride, long life. Wealth can be achieved only by considerable effort;
  • saubhagya: strong, purposeful, wise and fortunate people are born under this yoga, but they can be overly proud;
  • shobhana: yoga endows a person with intelligence, intelligence, seriousness, beauty, the desire to do good deeds;
  • parigha: one of the negative yogas. It rewards with hypocrisy, self-interest, boasting, but also gives positive qualities: skill, firmness, the ability to defeat enemies;
  • atiganda: another unfavorable yoga. A person born with her is angry, proud, cunning, hypocritical, grumpy;
  • sukarma: endows a person with the ability to rejoice, a penchant for various arts, fearlessness, benevolence, kindness; •
  • vaidhrti: such a person is dishonest, fickle, talkative, impatient, inclined to associate with bad people.

We have described only a part of the yogas of birth. There are 27 of them in total. But yoga cannot be considered separately. As mentioned above, all indicators of the natal chart are important. Be sure to consider the location of the yoga master.

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