10 Tips To Get Through The 2020 Crisis Easier

Tips for getting through the 2020 crisis easier
By DailyCelestial
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Crisis is a period of transition. It is a change or redistribution. This state does not mean something bad. It is only a change of vector in society or the economy, and also, in life priorities.

It is important to understand that every crisis brings transformations and subsequent improvements.

We, the Daily Celestial Team and forecaster Timur Garipov, invite you to heed our advice that will help you change your attitude towards the current situation in the world and your personal life, in particular.

  1. Start learning something new. Train your skills and acquire new knowledge.
  2. Old assets - real estate, cars- are better to remove from priorities, directing your budget to investments in your own health. Devote enough time to body health and mental balance.
  3. Arrange an informational detox. Reset your brain, remove all gadgets and news sources. Less “noise” means more vital energy.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary expenses. During the crisis, prices for real estate, cars, and other property fall. The best means of preserving savings today is a stable currency, cash.
  5. Take care of family values, communicate more often with relatives and like-minded. It is supportive and inspiring.
  6. Share your skills and strengths with those who need them. The Universe will definitely reward you with all your necessary potential.
  7. Knowledge and understanding. Not fanaticism, but clear perception and reminding yourself that difficult times last for a limited timeframe. Obstacles are given to us to work on our qualities, and to prepare, in order to prove ourselves in a favorable period.
  8. Daily small physical activity. Anxiety and stress are very well-grounded and transformed through constant exercise. You can choose a convenient set for 15 minutes and each time doing it, thank yourself and praise your efforts. The body will encourage the development of positive emotions, but it is important not to overdo it.
  9. Change of scenery. If possible: change locations for recreation and walking places. Doing so refreshes the senses and shifts attention, and has a positive effect on mental and physical performance. For example, on weekends it is better to go out of town to see friends than to sit at home trying to solve some problems.
  10. Nutrition is the main foundation of health. Drink plenty of warm, clean water. Try to avoid consuming juices, tea, and coffee. These products can negatively affect your body. Food should be simple in composition and without artificial flavoring. Minimum carbohydrates and enough healthy fats.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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