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Buddha always said, that one must acquire knowledge from nature. Trees grow, overcoming the forces of gravity, higher and higher. The basis of a tree is its root system. Without powerful roots, a tree cannot grow. The main thing to remember: "If you want to reach high up to heaven, then your roots should grow deep into the earth, to hell!"

If our goal is higher than the "social package", we must clearly understand that we will face many difficulties. Maximum effort should be made to achieve what we want. Efforts are necessary in proportion to the height of our goal.

More effective than all business trainings: walking in the park, forest, hiking. These actions better cleanse our consciousness of the illusions of the virtual world as dizzying success, easy money, 7 days - 7 victories, English in 7 minutes.

Nature is harmonious. We left it, we are in it, we will return to it!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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