Jupiter - Guru

Jupiter - Guru
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In the heavenly office, Jupiter is considered the most powerful protector, the highest benefactor. If Jupiter situated well in your horoscope, then this means that you are "born in a shirt." You are very lucky!

In the human organism and body, Jupiter governs the intestines, liver, legs, and sleep. In life - for education, relationships with teachers, elders, as well as for finances, relationships with children, students, children-children.

The main topic now is the weakness of Jupiter in 2021 and the parallel that new strains of COVID-19 "hit" the intestines.

Therefore, consider it important to pay attention to the condition of the intestines and liver. Food should be healthy and tasty. I removed sweets from the diet, leaving only fruit. Salads with fresh vegetables, no "sauces" and enhancers of taste in food - which is common in restaurants and fast foods.

Drinking water is also beneficial for the intestines. It is important not to forget about good sleep, the influence of which also improves the condition of the flora. There is an enemy in the intestines - these are parasites and mold. If you look through the prism of astrology, then Rahu, the planet of eclipses, is responsible for this. (About which we wrote earlier on our blog).

To avoid such problems, diet, neat cleansing, minimizing sweets, taking baking soda in the morning to alkalize an environment in which fungi and parasites are uncomfortable will help. In this matter, you need to consult with your doctor. There is a wealth of useful information on the subject of digestive system and its regulation.

There will be a post on this topic soon. Until the end of 2021, Jupiter is weakened for all people and, accordingly, in health: the intestines and liver will require support, especially if Jupiter was weak at birth. “Dark spots under the eyes are a strong indicator of bowel problems. I noticed this from my observations ”. Ancient astrologers considered turmeric to be beneficial for strengthening Jupiter and developing generosity.

The presence of orange colors in the wardrobe was important. Of course, living in large cities does not improve health. One of the examples of the load on our body is car exhaust. The result is an accumulation of lead in the body, which is difficult to eliminate.

Detoxification is critical these days, and especially this year. I wish you all good health. The rest will arrive!

Forecaster Timur Garipov

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