Mercury In Retrograde 2020 | How To Survive It?

Mercury In Retrograde 2020. How To Survive It?
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No wonder that there are jokes and memes going on right now on the internet about Mercury in Retrograde, because this is just his time! What is this phenomenon? How does the period of Mercury in Retrograde affect the life of modern humans, and how to behave correctly during this period? Let us give you a couple of advice on how to survive this period of life!

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

In simple terms, this is a shorthand for an optical illusion, when it seems that the planet is moving in the opposite direction from its usual course. This action is due to the difference in the speed of observation from the Earth and the movement of Mercury itself.

On the astrological side, when the planets become in retrograde, it is believed that the areas of life for which these planets are responsible seem to freeze.

This is an unusual time, when Mercury is in Retrograde, and probably, every person felt at least once in his life, or even more than once, if they are lucky. This is when, for example, a set of expensive and favorite dishes breaks, or when all of a sudden, all the technical equipment at home breaks or does not want to cooperate with you.

When you have a very important meeting scheduled for which you are absolutely, from the word “not at all” in tune, and besides you, your boss is also under the influence of Mercury in Retrograde. That is, all the failures that could have happened in the next 10 years have decided to happen right here and now.

In short, not life, but a fairy tale!

Why is the “Retrograde” of Mercury, and not, for example, the beautiful Venus or the fabulous Jupiter, so “gracefully” affects a person? Mercury is closer to the Sun than other planets.

When Mercury changes its direction of motion, as we wrote earlier, an optical illusion arises, and so do events in life, they become deceiving and people seem to be misled. Astrologers believe that during this period of life, everything seems to break down, from its ordinary existence.

Astrologers also say that it is this planet, that affects such spheres of human activity as trade, business, and information exchange.

As a result, it is in these areas that more difficulties arise during the period of Mercury in Retrograde. By the way, such a phenomenon occurs in space about 3 times a year. Now, the third stage in the life of 2020 has just began. It started on October 14th and ends on November 3rd.

General recommendations during this period: try not to make important decisions during this period; do not take on unverified business or deals; avoid making large purchases. It is better to postpone the planned trips to a more favorable period (to November 4th, for example). In general, in this period, astrologer’s advice to rest more and enjoy life, so in moments of great setbacks to be able to find a ray of positiveness and use it correctly.

Perhaps try reading long-planned books or pursuing a long-standing idea such as mastering the art of pottery. After all, this is how you can relax and make with your own hands a true symbol of the “successfully survived” period of Mercury in Retrograde.

We wish you to always stay positive and let Mercury in Retrograde help you with this!

Daily Celestial Team

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