Mathematics and its connection with astrology

Mathematics and its connection with astrology
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Leading astrologers have long-established a connection between astrology and other sciences—based on observations of cosmic bodies, people in ancient times made discoveries in medicine, astronomy, chemistry, geography, and, of course, cartography. However, astrology is most closely tied with mathematics, discussed in today's article.

The history of the name of astrology and its connection with mathematics

Like many other sciences, astrology originated in Ancient Greece over two thousand years ago. Initially, it was called meteorology and included knowledge and laws about the processes in the atmosphere of Earth. In other words, meteorology in its original form described not so much the influence of celestial bodies on the fate of people as the physical behavior of precipitation and meteorites.

Time passed, and Greek society developed intensively along with its sciences. In the middle of the 9th century BC, Aristotle became one of the most influential scientists that separated meteorology (as the science of atmospheric phenomena) from astrology (as the science of celestial bodies and stars).

A few more decades later, the term "genethlialogy" appears, meaning "personal forecast, personal forecasting." Currently, this field of knowledge is better known as "horoscopy" or simply "horoscope." As in the previous stages of the development of science, mathematics also played a central role in genethlialogy. Thanks to this study, we have all calculations to work with now.

Gradually, these several sciences developed and changed in their ways until they came to the form:

● Astrology is a science that describes the rules and laws of the influence of heavenly bodies on the fate of people. Astrology basses on many other sciences and fields of knowledge. In particular: biorhythms, psychology, physics, and, of course, mathematics.

● Astronomy is a science that characterizes the movement of space objects from a physical point of view. Despite the widespread myth, it does not contradict astrology, but only complements it.

● Meteorology — the science responsible for the phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere. Currently very far away from astrology and almost unrelated to it.

● Horoscopes — a subsection of astrology, within the framework of which studies only the relationship between the time of birth of a person and how certain luminaries and planets will influence him.

● Mathematics is a science that ties everything together and gives the base for other sciences. Thanks to mathematics, modern personal assistants can predict the future accurately. With the help of mathematical laws, astrologers help a person navigate life.

Mathematics and Numerology

Another science directly related to astrology is numerology. It also appeared in Ancient Greece and came out of the teachings of Pythagoras (a famous mathematician, oddly enough). According to numerology, everything in life connects to the mutual influence of symbols and numbers.

A person's birthday can directly affect his fate, let alone a change in name, which will, even more, affect the personality.


Of course, not everyone is good at math, and it may well be that you do not want to waste energy studying it again. There are many helpful and convenient tools in the modern world now to simplify the life of ordinary people.

For example, together with forecaster Timur Garipov, the Daily Celestial team created the Daily Celestial App, which will help you navigate everyday life more competently without unnecessary difficulties. The application is based on mathematical algorithms, straightforward and easy to use. You can download the Daily Celestial App from the Apple Store and Google Play.

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