Mealtime Ritual

Mealtime Ritual. We develop a relationship with food, and this is perfectly normal in my opinion if it is a healthy kind of relationship.
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For most of us, our favorite time of the day is mealtime. This is when we have a chance to sit down, decompress and reconnect with ourselves. We develop a relationship with food, and this is perfectly normal in my opinion if it is a healthy kind of relationship. During the day I can eat in a car, at the desk, on the go, but I am taking my dinner time seriously.

I don’t know what happened to eating at the family dining table time, but I miss it. So, I arrange my dining space for my dinner by placing a beautiful place mat, nice silverware, light a candle, and turn the TV off. No phone, no computer, no distraction.

Occasionally, I open the patio door to listen to birds when the weather is nice. I usually serve my food on a big plate even if I have a small meal, I add some garnish and sometimes decorate the edges of the plate with a balsamic glaze or just mustard. I make it look like an artwork to please all of my senses.

I remember I read somewhere that you need to chew a bite twenty times to help with proper digestion. I am not sure who can do it, but at least we can pause between bites and enjoy the taste. Eating slow is important. Why rush something that you really enjoy?

Feel the sensation of getting satisfied, not stuffed. I love to cook and share a meal with my family, this is a great time to reconnect, discuss your day or week events, talk about the meal and how it tastes, celebrate life's little pleasures.

It’s a tradition for a reason for most of the cultures to say gratitude before a meal, raise a toast, or just saying “let’s dig in”. Enjoy your meals, make it an event, and something that you do mindfully. Bon appétit!

Personal Wellness Coach Nika Helge

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