Planetary War: Jupiter And Saturn

Interview With Daily Celestial Forecaster Timur Garipov. Planetary War: Jupiter And Saturn
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On April 10-15th or possibly even earlier, Jupiter will come out of conjunction with Saturn. Jupiter has a slightly faster rotational speed than Saturn and as a result, everyone will begin to feel a little easier, a good mood will appear. This will be a great time to work on bugs and errors we got so far. From April to June, there will be relaxation and normalization of things, and then restrictions will begin again.

By the end of June, Jupiter will go into the offensive mode. The planet will remain in a combat state until the end of the year. Lawlessness will begin again; human absurdity will appear - a similar topic as today. Another stage of the planetary war will begin.

And now a little theory ...

Saturn being in Capricorn causes unemployment. Jupiter, in terms of energy and influence, is hostile to Saturn. The explanation is elementary - Saturn possesses cold energy, and Jupiter - warm. Jupiter in Capricorn doesn’t feel good also and loses its strength - a complete slag occurs.

There is a confrontation of energies, which is reflected in society - a contrast in different events. "Perhaps a funny explanation of the energy of the planets, but a simple one 😊". In this regard, understanding the starry sky is good because it gives an unspoken but very accurate forecast.

We perfectly understand where the "train" is heading!

Remember - the info noise that is in the news now, has no sense and logic. Try to think rationally. Do not worry!

Do not create artificial problems for yourself. Now you should not think about buying real estate, and you should forget about mortgages at all. “I, myself looked at housing prices and house plots. It seems that prices have risen, but they will soon fall. If earlier it was believed that the potential for a fall in prices would be 2 times, then in reality now it is about 4 times at least”.

It is better not to buy a car yet, especially on gasoline. Now electric cars are the winner. There will be a demand for electric cars. Also, in the future, there may be a ban on diesel and gasoline engines. After all, you need to think about the environment!

Regarding Covid-19, this epidemic has played a global role in restarting the economy, as well as in launching new rules of the game.

Now is the best period to work and move forward. Work tirelessly, it will definitely pay off in the future!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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