Progressive Full Moon and its impact on life

Progressive Full Moon and its impact on life
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The Lunar cycle is 30 days (or 30 years, if you count within the concept of a Progressive Moon), during which the relative position of the Moon and the Sun constantly changes. At the same time, we can visually observe the metamorphoses of the Moon and its silhouette changes in the night sky from a thin crescent (in the New Moon or the balsamic Phase) to a full circle in the Full Moon.

At the same time, each Moon Phase significantly impacts the lives of every person on earth. If you want to competently manage destiny and abide by the laws of the universe, we recommend considering the position of the Moon in the sky. In this article, we will consider various issues:

— the dependence of fate on the Moon Phase at the time of birth,

— the influence of the New and Full Moon on events in life,

— recommendations on which Moon phase is best to hold significant events, such as a wedding or conception of a child,

— forecasts on the topic at which Moon phase to prepare for a decline in personal and career plans.

Moon phases

There are 8 phases in total:

1. New Moon (0-45 degrees in front of the Sun).

2. Crescent phase (45-90 degrees in front of the Sun).

3. First quarter (90-135 degrees in front of the Sun).

4. Convex phase (135-180 degrees in front of the Sun).

5. Full Moon (180-135 degrees after the Sun). 6. Scattering phase (135-90 degrees after the Sun).

7. Third quarter (90-45 degrees after the Sun).

8. Balsamic phase (45-0 degrees after the Sun).

Influence of the Moon at birth

The moment of a person's birth is strongly related to the Moon phase was at that moment. In particular:

● Delivering a child on the growing Moon (phases 1-4) portends his inquisitive nature and desire to explore the world around him. He will be happy to communicate with a large circle of people, engage in public events, organize meetings.

● Birth on a Waning Moon (phases 4-8) will ensure the child with a calmer and more thoughtful future. He is unlikely to be interested in noisy gatherings or public speeches. Instead of leading a flamboyant lifestyle, his choice most likely will fall on the calm and measured life of a researcher or scientist. The person will be highly balanced and self-confident.

Is it better to plan the important events in life at what Lunation phase? Lunation is a lunar month; it lasts 29-30 solar days and includes all 8 phases of the Moon.

Progressive Full and New Moon

A Progressive Full Moon and, after it, a New Moon occur at the beginning of each Progressive lunar month. That is every 29-30 years. At the age of 30, 60, and 90 years, a person experiences something like a new birth and has the opportunity for a significant renewal of life. In particular, astrologers involved in personal forecasting recommend:

● Completely reconsider life values ​​and plans in the Progressive Full Moon. Take a look at your life, make sure that all the people around you really support and love you, not just parasitize on your success. Get rid of everything superfluous, make new plans.

● Start realizing the most ambitious tasks on the Progressive New Moon: plan a wedding or childbirth at this time(by the way, 30-40 years is also the most suitable time for having a child from physiological and social points of view).

● Regarding career, it also has a significant dependence on the Progressive Moon phases. During the period of the New Moon, you will most likely get more efficient and quicker. Closer to the end of Progressive Moon phases(at 25-30, 55-60, and 85-90 years), some declines are possible. They are due to the need to get rid of everything superfluous and reconsider their work goals.


Of course, the information described in this article may seem somewhat difficult for you to understand the first time, not to mention the application. However, this is not required! We are all busy and successful people, with many things to do and problems, and there is nothing wrong with simplifying things in which we are not experts. In this case, we recommend that you download the Daily Celestial app, which will replace your full-fledged personal assistant and give you a unique, daily forecast based on the Moon in progressions, math, and biorhythms.

Daily Celestial Team

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