The Story Of One Prediction ... Be Always Ready

The Story Of One Prediction ... Be Always Ready
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The story happened somewhere in 2017-2018. A friend called me: his soul was restless, he was tired of work, there was strain everywhere. I listened attentively, made a forecast, disassembled its scheme of planets. After analyzing, I focused on the summer period, namely July. Told him that he needs to be prepared for all kinds of trouble at work.

And he holds a command position in the power structures of the state. The service takes place in a closed territory, somewhere on the edge of the boundless motherland. The comrade, unfortunately, was skeptical about my warnings. Like, what can happen - the service from day to day is like a mechanism!

During the specified period of July, in that territory, a serious emergency occurred, and a friend was on duty on that day - he went out to replace a colleague. In general, six months of proceedings in the military prosecutor's office, a possible arrest, and all the following details. Because, as it was necessary to appoint someone guilty. Everyone has plans and norms.

The story is nevertheless with a good ending, since after the "tense period" the strain subsided and life improved. The bottom line is one: when on your annual chart you see a strong drop in personal energy, then do not forget “that planes can fall nearby, even if you are on the edge of the mainland, or in the wilderness, which is not displayed on ordinary maps”!

Take care of yourself and listen to your personal forecast.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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