TOP-5 Astrology Movies to Watch on the Weekend

TOP-5 Astrology Movies to Watch on the Weekend
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Astrology in cinema is an infrequent phenomenon, and therefore the search for a quality film becomes a difficulty. But for the Daily Celestial team, this is a great opportunity to prepare a list of amazing astrological and mythological movies. We wish you to make the right and interesting choice for your viewing.

Shani Dev

Year: 2016

Director: Siddharth Kumar

This series is a must-see for every person who is interested in the topic of astrology and mythology. "Shani Dev" is a beautiful mythological story, which is based on the life of the main character - Lord Shani Dev, the son of Lord Surya and the goddess Sangya.

Perhaps for lovers of mythology, watching this series can be the best pastime. The picture will help you get acquainted in detail with Indian mythology, its origins and features. You will definitely not get bored while watching this series, because this is the best storehouse of information for lovers of mythology, Karmfala Data Shani is an excellent example of wisdom and justice that many should learn from.

Knights of the Zodiac

Year: 1986

Director: Morishita Kozo

Knights of the Zodiac is a treasure not only in the anime world, but in fiction in general. With its unusual qualities, this series is more like a show that can be enjoyed and admired long after watching. Technologies, despite the year the series was released in 1986, make watching this series an “attraction”, and the well-written plot and characters will make you not only empathize with them, but live with them.

This is a Japanese animated series about a group of young people chosen to protect the goddess Athena with their mysterious powers. However, "Knights of the Zodiac" is not just an action movie where there is a confrontation between heroes and villains, but a series with references to Greek and Scandinavian mythology.

Wonderful animation with beautiful drawings: characters, armor, surroundings - they draw out outstanding creativity and aesthetics.

Astrology: Secrets in the Stars

Year: 1996

Director: Tim Evans

This series demonstrates the history of the development of astrology, its origins and ponder. When viewing the picture, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about astrology. What did people of all times and eras think about astrology?

For example, the narrative about astrology in different cultures is accurately and reliably indicated. It is shown how the prophets of the Mayan civilization predicted the arrival of white-skinned, bearded people - they turned out to be the Spanish conquistadors of the 15th-16th centuries.

13 signs of the zodiac

Year: 2014

Author: TV3

The 13 Zodiac Signs is a documentary that explains the nature of the behavior and habits of each of the zodiac signs. The leading role of this film is played by professional astrologers, who set out the theoretical component of astrological teaching.

The film is useful for those who want to create a happy destiny with their soulmate, or who just want to study human behavior based on the properties of the signs of the zodiac. 

Fatal numbers. Numerology

Year: 2014

Director: Sergey Kraus

The film provides an understanding of the numbers that can affect the cause-and-effect relationships of many events in the world. Watching a movie will be a revelation for many. “Fatal numbers. Numerology” tells how numbers affect the daily life of a person and the events of our time.

Each of these works of motion picture art is unique, and the viewing experience can be different. But in general, these are great movies/series, watching which will bring something new to your world of astrology.

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Daily Celestial Team

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