Philosophy of Yoga

Philosophy of Yoga. Asanas during crisis events
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Yoga is a system of spiritual, physical, and psychological practices. It is used to enhance a person’s spiritual and physical condition. This concept refers to Indian culture.

Yoga is work on the body and consciousness of a person. You, first of all, are establishing the connection with yourself, and then with the outside world. Subsequently, even a connection with higher energy is possible.

Yoga is used not only as a spiritual instruction but also to increase the physical tone of the body. As an exercise practice, yoga helps you to keep your body healthy. As a practice of spiritual self-knowledge, it establishes a positive attitude towards your life and helps to overcome fears.

Yoga got so embedded in the life of modern people that in 2016 UNESCO included this system of teachings in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Asanas during crisis events

Yoga is an eight-step system in which physical exercise is only a step, but it is also important. When discussing yoga, we cannot skip another concept - "asana."

Asana is a body position in which you feel comfortable and stable. There are many different asanas in yoga. And each one has its purpose. For most people, it is not difficult to perform basic yoga asanas, but not everyone can do the bulk.

Performing some asanas requires you to be in good shape both physically and psychologically. Like it or not, asanas are not always convenient, especially for beginners in yoga.

There are asanas for weight loss, asanas for pregnant women, and even asanas that help during crisis events in which the balance is crucial.

The pose of a tree and the pose of weights are practices to achieve balance and harmony with your mind. These asanas serve as a barometer, if it is difficult to perform, then your mind is far away from balance.

Also, a pose of a cobra and a pose of a wheel (that have a load on your stomach) are performed to strengthen personal willpower and to work out the abdomen. The practice of this type of asanas helps to remove stagnation.

To increase mental abilities, you can perform the pose of "birch" or sarvang-asana, but only if you already have sufficient experience in yoga.

There are many simple and doable asanas with minimum requirements for your body shape and with a good beneficial effect. 15 minutes a day is enough to build up progress.

Followers of yoga believe that before you engage in this practice, you need to become an honest, truthful, friendly, and deeply moral person.

The Daily Celestial team wishes you good luck in conquering the pinnacle of yoga. Do yoga and discover yourself for yourself and others!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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