The Way Laid By Your Thought Is How The Energy Travels

Energy is essential to achieving goals
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The modern world… constant race full of hustle and bustle. Irritation comes from all sides grabbing our attention and consuming our strength and energy.

We need to preserve the energy to achieve important goals, succeed in life and achieve desired plans. 

During crisis period we are subjected to overwhelming inflow of information.  A person is exhausted under the burden of news and occurring events. It is very important to preserve and restore lost energy. 

To preserve the energy consider changing environment or participate in the new activities and don’t forget to be physically active. You can practice meditation or just relax and enjoy the nature. Informational "detox" is very important for a person in this day and age.  

Recreation activities are crucial.

Recently, my friends and I went to Lake Ladoga, the islands in the Republic of Karelia. I was fortunate to have a great weather and a wonderful company. 

We turned off mobile phones for 3 days. On the second day, I felt an unusual state of freedom and lightness. My appearance and mood improved and I felt joyful. The influence of crucial elements:  water, earth, fire, and absence of “informational irritation” instantly improved the state of my body and mind

Maintaining steady level of strength and inspiration in your daily activities is difficult. The further we are from nature, the weaker we are. 

Our potential is revealed in favorable periods of life, it is important not to scatter it to external stimuli.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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