Coffee — benefits, and harm for the human body

Coffee — benefits, and harm for the human body
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The effect of coffee on the body

Many people cannot imagine their morning without a fragrant cup of coffee, which gives them the mood and vitality for the whole day. However, not everyone thinks about how coffee affects blood pressure, digestion, the nervous system, and other indicators of the body. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits and harms of coffee.

Effects on the central nervous system and brain

Before we begin to understand the effect of coffee on the body, let's establish the main elements it contains. The coffee bean contains magnesium, iron, quinic acid, tannins, nitrogen, calcium, pyridine, and much more. However, the main, most effective substance is caffeine. Caffeine is a mild psychostimulant that increases dopamine levels in a person's blood. It has a beneficial effect on mood and concentration. Studies have been carried out in which daily consumption of 2-3 cups of coffee, a person's working capacity increases. However, when abused, negative effects can occur: drowsiness, depression, and apathy. That is, caffeine, the benefits, and harms of which depend on the volume of consumption can affect the nervous system and the brain from both good and bad sides.

Effects on blood circulation

Coffee stimulates and increases the heartbeat. The consequence of this is increased blood circulation and a slight increase in pressure, but such effects are not terrible for a young and strong body. With caution, you need to be those who have coronary artery disease, as well as problems with blood vessels.

Effects on the digestive system

The stomach and intestines influenced not so much by caffeine as by various acids contained in coffee. If the person does not have an ulcer or gastritis, then a little irritation will not do any harm. In addition, the drink contains various antioxidants, which also have a beneficial effect on health. However, if you have any digestive problems, it is better to consult your doctor before introducing coffee into your diet.

Effects on the kidneys

Caffeine has two important kidney-related properties. Firstly, it constricts the blood vessels, due to which the filtration of urine becomes more intense, and it is more actively excreted. Secondly, coffee gets very quickly processed by the body and, accordingly, quickly excreted from it. It also contributes to increased dehydration, because of this, the harm of coffee for women can be especially noticeable during pregnancy, or in the case of cystitis. That is why in good coffee shops you will always be served a glass of clean water with a cup of espresso. This will not only help to refresh your taste buds before each sip, but also prevent possible water imbalance.

Effects on the liver

The harm of coffee to the liver has not yet been established. On the one hand, caffeine can overload the liver and make it work harder than usual. On the other hand, the same process can have a beneficial effect on the body, if the person has no obvious contraindications.

Coffee with milk: benefits and harms

There are many myths about the effect of adding milk to coffee. Recent research in this area has shown that such a mixture is beneficial rather than harmful. Milk saturates the body with calcium, which can be washed out, and also removes the excess acidity of the drink, thereby reducing the risk of heartburn.

So, the benefits and harms of coffee on the human body depend on the volume of consumption, as well as on individual characteristics. Nika Helge can help with setting a personal norm (as well as give many more useful tips about drinks and food). Nika is a wellness coach at the Daily Celestial and has been pursuing a harmonious lifestyle and proper nutrition for over 20 years.

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