A story of one forecast... Abruptness

Until this event, we were confident in ourselves and the car. Even that the flashing yellow traffic light, that we ran through successfully 99 times, will work out for the hundredth time too. But ... anything can happen!
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When a driver is talking on the phone on the road and, for example, it is raining heavily, in matters of his safety, he trusts the habit and his experience. What can happen? Not for the first time, I can handle it! Either the rain was so heavy, or the telephone conversation was too emotional, or the morning coffee greatly irritated the stomach?

This is all speculation before the onset of an accident!

Until this event, we were confident in ourselves and the car. Even that the flashing yellow traffic light, that we ran through successfully 99 times, will work out for the hundredth time too. But ... anything can happen!

In September, a friend that I have known for a long time flew into the city. His visit was only for a couple of days since he wanted to settle his affairs. We met of course! I talked about my unique development, the Daily Celestial application, about the possibilities of personal forecasting.

In his example, we briefly looked at the prospects. I remember what I said: 2020 is a promising year, good for undertakings, the only thing is that the beginning of the year was difficult and in September-October, there was a peak of tension: he had to be more careful. Then everything will work out!

He wanted to quit his job and start his own business. Long experience of work as a doctor, almost 30 years, allowed him to do this. In early October, a call from his phone and a young woman's voice in the receiver: “Maybe this is important to you! I am calling to inform you that my father died”!

It shocked me ... by the suddenness. Many thoughts. After all, there were less than two weeks left before the end of the crisis period and the beginning of improvements ... quite a bit. Strong, sturdy, and responsive person. He was silent about his "sores". The cause of death is coronavirus. Unfortunately, the medical practice of diagnosing "lungs", did not save himself.

I see the planets and their influence on a person as periods that give energy and compress when the flow of energy decreases. The evaluation of the compression ratio is important here. With plentiful, giving periods, it is easier - everything arrives there and everything is better than usual.

Especially after difficult periods.

A special topic is the analysis of crisis, squeezing periods. The weakening of energy makes a person weaker in health, dozens of problems appear in work and personal relationships. In voltage peaks - it is very important to maintain the flow of existing energy, not to waste what is left. Writing is easier than keeping a balance every day.

Each personal case: you need to understand a person, convey a vision, recommendations, feel.

A difficult period is like driving from city to city in winter, in cold weather. On such a trip, the most important thing is to have enough fuel. And it is better to travel in better weather conditions. Otherwise, there is a chance to freeze to death on the road.

I hope that our society will begin to move from reading common horoscopes to a scientific approach to studying and applying the connection between space and human life.

So that everyone, opening the weather forecast, can also open their personal "weather" forecast and choose the best route for themselves. 

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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