Forecast for 2022

Forecast for 2022 How to prepare for 2022? What to expect from the Year of the Blue Water-Tiger?
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Nice numbers, but beauty is deceiving in this case. 2022 is a year of dramatic changes. Don't look for stability, move towards new experiences, don't get stuck in the past!

The Year of the Blue Water Tiger is a good one for those who are ready to quickly change their strategy, make different decisions, let go of the past and focus their energies on the present. The year is good for preparing for the new, for cleansing from the old, habitable, liberation from the past burden. An analogy can be drawn with the tiger, whose year is according to the Eastern calendar. He knows how to wait patiently and instantly gather all his strength and make a dash.

The next year is very busy. There will be a lot of fire, conflict, and strife. This is wonderful energy, fire is a necessary element for those who are active and strive to achieve their goals. Fire nourishes and strengthens the activity. The year 2022 can be divided into spring, summer, and fall. These are the main sectors. And it is better to create 3 strategies in advance for these periods of the year.

Set very deliberately the dates of important events: contracts, weddings, major acquisitions. Try to choose those dates where the number of digits 2 is less.

Daily Celestial Team and Timur Garipov

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