How not to get depressed in the fall and winter?

How not to get depressed in the fall and winter?
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The autumn-winter period is a difficult time for the body. During this period, proper nutrition and deep sleep are especially important, since a person is susceptible to the influence of depression and loss of strength. We have prepared several tips, following which you will always be full of energy and will not fall into the autumn blues.

1. Move more often! In the fall and the late snowless winter, our body switches to the mode of energy conservation. We increasingly want to sit in a warm house, drink tea and not get out on a dank street. However, even a short walk in your area will immediately increase metabolic processes in the body, and fresh air will invigorate you. Thanks to this, the rest of the day will be productive and as energetic as possible.

2. Get creative with yourself. Find yourself a new hobby, during which you will be completely distracted from the surrounding affairs and tasks. Start drawing, get some jigsaw puzzles, try embroidering! Any kind of creativity will have a beneficial effect on the flow of days.

3. Organize proper nutrition. In the cold autumn-winter period, people often lack micronutrients such as vitamin B and vitamin D in their diet, so eat more butter, beef liver, eggs, avocados, vegetables, and nuts. It will not be superfluous to re-examine your balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

4. Set up a sleeping schedule. Make sure to allow yourself enough sleep. Go to bed at about the same time, get up on time, and then the day will be filled with energy and strength. Also, pay attention not to work at night—it is better to postpone the work until the morning and get a good night's sleep than to receive less of your serotonin and nod off the next day.

5. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend more time communicating with loved ones—often compliment them and smile, give gifts for no reason, please with good news. You can arrange for regular board game gatherings, during which you will not only enjoy the conversation but also give your head a pleasant break from work tasks.

6. Treat yourself to new things. Go shopping and pick out a few new additions. They do not have to be necessary for you—you can limit yourself to buying a new elegant scarf or an interesting hat. By adding new details to your wardrobe, you will have an additional desire to go out for a walk, and your bad mood will gradually disappear.

7. Sign up for a master class. For example, you can go to small cooking classes, art workshops. You can sign up for personal growth training. In any case, a new environment, people, and tasks will improve your mood, and the question “How to support yourself in the cold autumn-winter period?” will lose its relevance.

8. Take a cool photoshoot among falling leaves or first snow. Autumn and the beginning of winter are not only blues but also wonderful periods when the trees change their color. They become magically golden or, with the arrival of the first frost, are covered with a layer of thin transparent ice. Don't miss the opportunity to update your avatar or just get some cute photos to add to your collection.

Use sports and entertainment with the blues, eat deliciously, drink plenty of water, go out with friends, be creative, and in no case sad! Then the blues will recede, and you will see a romantic and pleasant period in this time of year.

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