How to become rich? Financial astrology and the algorithm for success

How to become rich? Financial astrology and the algorithm for success
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Let's be honest, each of us wants money. But some easily earn hundreds of thousands a month, while others have to work hard to have enough for at least the bare essentials. The reason for this lies in the monetary mission (success algorithm) that each of us has. Information about it contains is in the natal chart. Financial astrology will show you the key to your well-being.

The essence of financial astrology

Each person's birth chart contains the key to achieving financial success. It is determined by the location of the planets and the ruler of the house. It is extremely difficult to calculate everything correctly, therefore, to find out the algorithm for success, you need to contact an astrologer or, which is much easier, cheaper, and faster, use the free Calendar in the Daily Celestial application.

So, back to the money mission. If a person goes against what is in his natal chart, then negative consequences await him, despite all efforts, it will not be possible to achieve financial well-being. For example, if the ruler of the II house is in the VIII, then the birth chart says that the profit will come from what belongs to others. Its owner is destined to be an entrepreneur, attract investors to his business, invest money, etc. But if a person works for someone, then, despite all efforts, the financial situation will be bad, there will be a lot of debts in his life, and the merits will be attributed to other people.

There are three common myths associated with individual laws of wealth. We will debunk each of them:

1. There are no planets in the II House - you can forget about money: of course, the presence of planets is of great importance, but the ruler of the House, the cusp, is also important. It is known that in the natal chart of many successful people, such as Walt Disney, Kim Kardashian, there are no planets in the II House.

2. Financial condition is invariable: everyone has an algorithm for success. The secrets of your monetary mission are encrypted in the natal chart, so the opinion that wealth or poverty is permanent is fundamentally wrong.

3. The identical position of the II House indicates the same financial condition: it so happens that for two people the cusp is in the same position, but one of them is poor, and the other is rich.

This is not a sign of error. Firstly, you cannot take into account only one indicator, and secondly, the cusp is a recommendation, not a guide to action.

Financial Astrology Tips There are 5 effective techniques for financial astrology:

1. Cusp of the II House: shows the main areas of activity for generating income and indicates how exactly you need to handle money: save or invest.

2. The planets within the second sector of the horoscope: additional sources of income depend on them, the reasons for spending and losses, the correct attitude to money.

3. Ruler of the II House: shows where and how best to get money. This is the strongest indicator. If the other rulers of the House talk about what to do when there are already resources, then this indicator reveals where these resources are hidden (their projects, social status, etc.).

4. The Sun, the Moon, their disposition: The Sun is responsible for the professions in which it will be possible to achieve tremendous success, the Moon - for the professions that bring stability and security.

5. Venus and Pluto: They illustrate different states of money energy. Venus shows the ways to quickly get pocket money. The potential sphere of obtaining large income depends on the position of Pluto.

Use the power of financial astrology to prosper wisely. The natal chart indicates in which direction to move, rather than giving clear instructions. A modern application developed by a Daily Celestial Team and a professional astrologer will help you create an astrological horoscope.

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