Insidious constellation "Punarvasu"

Insidious constellation "Punarvasu". This constellation has a beneficial effect on humans. But there is one important exception...
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Old story...

Keep on remembering it might be worth sharing. In 2016-2017, got a call from friends, they said that the situation was urgent, her friend gave birth and child, and now the baby is in intensive care.

All relatives are stressed out, doctors are silent and do not understand what to expect. Panic kept growing from anticipation and no answers.

I was given birth data of the child. I did the calculations, checked and understood once again - there are no accidents.

Earlier, before this incident, I studied the studies of astrologers and disassembled the group of stars in the Gemini "Punarvasu". The peculiarity of the constellation is that a person born in a given period always feels the need to achieve something but will do so not from the first try. The fact is that the property of this constellation affects the ability of a person to get away with anything. This constellation has a beneficial effect on humans. But there is one important exception when the Moon or other important planet in Punarvasu is in the 12th house from the ascendant. The reign of this combination can adversely affect human health.

After a couple of days of research, I saw that the baby's horoscope is clearly with a similar combination and the birth falls exactly into a dangerous period. But there were a lot of "defenses", which means he will live and everything will be fine.

I will say that the worry of my friends was transmitted to me. The topic of health is very delicate. Later I was told that the baby had been transferred from the intensive care unit and there were no more threats to his life. A few more years have passed: the toddler is no different from his peers and is developing well. He still has a very long way to conquer the peaks, and this maybe not the first time ...

But the result is what’s important, isn't it?!

I wish you all health and prosperity!

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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